technology in the classroom arnar sigurjónsson october 14th, 2005

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  • Technology in the Classroom Arnar Sigurjnsson October 14th, 2005
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  • Arnar Sigurjnsson2 Background Iceland University of Education 2001-2004 Classroom teacher, ages 11-15 Subject: Mathematics, physics and chemistry
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  • Arnar Sigurjnsson3 Technology in the classroom What kind of technology? Working with computers Working with computers Video making Video making
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  • Arnar Sigurjnsson4 Working with computers Endless possibilities e.g.: Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint presentation Sound sculpture Sound sculpture Radio program Radio program
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  • Arnar Sigurjnsson 5 How hot is the Sun? 15 million degrees Celsius 27 million degrees Fahrenheit Magnifying glass This makes the light very bright and the heat is so hot it could start a fire
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  • Arnar Sigurjnsson6 The Icelandic language Play a sample
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  • Arnar Sigurjnsson7 Sound sculpture Play a sample
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  • Arnar Sigurjnsson8 Video making I What do you need? Video Camera Mini DV cassette Mini DV cassette Microphone Video Camera with MIC IN plug Video Camera with MIC IN plug Computer
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  • Arnar Sigurjnsson9 Video making II Most PC-computer with Windows XP are equipped with Window Movie Maker
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  • Arnar Sigurjnsson10 What kind of video? Documentary Interviews Movie Video sculpture
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  • Arnar Sigurjnsson11 Demo Demo from a documentary that was made by 12-13 years old students in Laugalkjarskoli (8th grade)


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