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  • 1. Los Fresnos CISD District Technology Plan & E-rate Funding 2011-2012

2. Los Fresnos CISD Los Fresnos High School Agenda Los Fresnos CISD District Technology Plan, Year 3 -Goals, Objectives, and Strategies Explanation of E-rate funding to accomplish initiatives Conclusion 3. Goals and objectives developed are aligned with the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and the Universal Services (E-Rate) Technology Planning Requirements. Strategies developed are aligned with the STaR Chart Results in the areas of Teaching and Learning Educator Preparation and Development Administration and Support Services Infrastructure for Technology. 4. Teaching & Learning focuses on the instructional needs of teachers and the learning needs of students in meeting the vision of technology in education. Goals that will be addressed include: To improve the academic achievement and technology literacy of all students A progressive implementation of the Technology Academy will continue at the High School with emphasis on the technology TEKS 5. Educator Preparation and Development addresses the staff development needs for all the members of the professional education community. The primary goal to be addressed in this area: To provide ongoing, sustained professional development for: teachers, principals, administrators, and school library media personnel to further the effective use of technology in the classroom and the library media center 6. Administration and Support Services addresses the role of the technology leader to create a shared vision, encourage and sustain the appropriate integration of technology, use modern information technology tools to embrace accountability Goals to be addressed include: Continue to provide supporting resources to ensure successful and effective use of technology To use technology effectively to promote parental involvement and increase communication with parents 7. Infrastructure for Technology focuses on hardware, software, and human infrastructure (the capabilities or proficiencies of those who use the technical components). The infrastructure of a school is the critical element of support for all four areas of the Long-Range Plan for Technology. The primary goals in this area are: Improve existing technology infrastructure in order to facilitate instruction, reduce cost, increase access to technology and comply with the Child Internet Protection Act To enforce a policy of Internet safety and initiate an anti- cyber bullying campaign 8. Budget Area Costs Funding Sources Staff Development $95,500 NCLB 30 % Tech Allot 40% Local 20% CTE 10 % Telecommunications and Internet Access $198,200 E-Rate 87 % Local 13 % Materials and Supplies $199,700 E-Rate 30% Tech Allot 20% Local 10% Federal 40% New Equipment and Replacements $1,124,000 E-Rate 30 % Local 10% CTE 20% Federal 40% Miscellaneous Expenses $156,000 Local 30% E-Rate 10% Tech Allotment 10% Federal 50% Total $1,618,900 Los Fresnos CISD District Technology Plan Budget Detail 2011-2012 (Year 3) 9. E-Rate is a common term used in place of the Schools and Libraries Program. E-Rate provides discounts to schools and libraries for eligible products and services. 10. Administered by Universal Service Administrative Company Provides private schools, public school, and/or libraries with discounted telecommunication services Discount is based upon economic need and geographic location Eligible services include, but are not limited to internet connection, basic telephone, and infrastructure 11. Up to 2.25 billion annually made available for qualifying entities Step 1 Determine Eligibility Step 2 Develop a Technology Plan Step 3 Open a Competitive Bidding Process Step 4 Select a Service Provider Step 5 Calculate the Discount Level Step 6 Determine Eligible Services Step 7 Submit Application for Program Support Step 8 Undergo Application Review Step 9 Receive Funding Decision Step 10 Begin Receipt of Services Step 11 Invoice USAC as Appropriate 12. Los Fresnos CISD Technology Plan Year 3 is in progress Goals for Year 3 aligned to the STaR Chart Results for 2010-2011 E-Rate Funding continues to be a major form of support for district technology initiatives