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  • TEAM

    Wildcat QuickClicks

    Note: This team did not make any sales, so they do not have a

    financial statement.

  • Wildcat Quick Clicks! Vision Statement

    o We would like to provide a long term and affordable photography studio for the school. Many people can not afford a professional photographer, by starting this business we hope to give students, families, or teams the opportunity to have their pictures taken at a professional level at lower price.

    Mission Statement o To be able to raise money in a non-traditional way while gaining business

    experience while also providing a less expensive option to our community members.

    Definition of the Market o Industry and Outlook

    The industry of the senior portraits has a good outlook, the repetition of this fundraiser will increase in profit each year. Our senior pictures is an affordable alternative to professional photographers. The senior portraits can be used in the yearbook also the pictures can be printed as an additional service

    Competition Our competition include other photographers in the Oak Harbor area. These studios provide portraits. The key to rising above the competition in this market, we feel, is a personal touch. The friendly and down-to-earth approach of the team make Seniors feel instantly at ease, and all photography is done by high school students. In addition, prices are cheaper, quoted up front, and there are no hidden fees. Clients appreciate this kind of honesty and transparency and will recommend photographers they feel can be trusted.

    Our specific competitors are

    Heather Dahl Bailey Duenas

    • Doing for free Laura Houck Ryan Nowicki John Pendleton Sarah Smith

  • Erik Vail

    Market Analysis o Customer Profile

    17-19 year olds (seniors) • About 1,955 people ages 15-19 in the 98277 area

    Both genders Sports, clubs Oak Harbor area

    Description of Services and Products We are doing senior portraits. The appointments are only 30 minutes long and location is there choice. We would include printed picture packets for extra charge, and the digital delivery would be through email. If the clubs wanted to buy photos they could if they wanted, and we could retouch the photo but we would not do any major editing. The cost would be 45 dollars per with 30 minute sessions.

    • Budget o No budget was needed for this business

    Advertising Our advertising is very centered at the seniors of Oak Harbor high School.We got ahold of wildcat TV and got us in the announcements for friday the 20th of november, we also made two big posters and put them in the cafeteria, The week of the 15th. Other advertising avenues include:

    o Wildcat TV! Tuesday! o Posters around school

    limit 10 in each wing

    • by wildcat way • infront of the library • History hall • Awing by Underwoods • Math hall • Science hall • Cat building • Instagram, Facebook, Lunch

    Cafeteria • Senior Loft

    Wildcat way

  • Locations Our locations could include Joseph Whidbey/ West Beach, Cliff side (Naval Base), or upon request, anywhere within Oak Harbor city limits.

    o Joseph Whidbey/West Beach o Cliff side o Anywhere within city limits

    Time Time frames for taking and selling the portraits are going to be taken on November 16th to the 21st, on school days after school until 7. However we would also take portraits on the weekend from 10am-5pm.

    o School days~after school to 7 o Weekend~10 to 5 o 16th-21st

    Social Media We are using social media like Instagram and Facebook to help advertise for our business and/or display examples of our photography.

    o Instagram Username: Wildcat_Quick_Clicks Password: ohhswilds5

    o Facebook Username: Wildcat Quick Clicks


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  • TEAM


    Note: This team did not submit a business plan.

  • Chinnery Landscaping Financials Total collected: $974 Total expenses:

    1. Wages-$296 2. Equipment-$175* 3. Chips-$70

    Total company profit:$433

  • TEAM

    Joy to the Jar


    Joy to the Jars Business plan  



    Table of Contents          

    Company Description ……………………………………… 3  Definition of Market …………………………………… 3  Description of Products and Services …… 4  Organization and Marketing …………………… 5  Marketing and Sales Strategies ………… 5  Financial Statements …………………………………… 6    

  • Company Description: Joy to the Jars is a community oriented company with a mission. Located in Oak Harbor, WA, our mission since day one has been to raise money for the DECA Business Club of Oak Harbor High School so that each student can have the chance to compete in the ICDC International Competition this year. From four ambitious girls came an idea; this idea was to create mason jar hot chocolate kits, called “snow day survival kits,” providing a cozy escape from the cold for our consumers and taking advantage of the holiday season.   Definition of Market: Joy to the Jars worked to reach out to consumers and vendors who, like us, are community oriented. Our business catered to Whidbey Island locals. In particular, these locals included: ●Middle aged women ●20 year olds who have recently graduated from Oak Harbor High School and have been in DECA 

    ●Anyone interested in a holiday gift 

  • Joy to the Jars has created a vendor profile, consisting of Whidbey Island locals with promotional resources to help promote our cause with flyers and word of mouth. In addition, we targeted locals that are middle to upper class women that concentrate their shopping on local businesses and giving back to the community. Based on our market research, we found that our best target vendor/consumer was a middle aged female (3060 years old) with a disposable income. 

     Description of Product and Services: The Joy to the Jars product is an eight ounce mason jar filled with Hot Cocoa mix and marshmallows as well as peanut butter chocolate chips, regular chocolate chips or peppermints. The jars were decorated with Christmas fabric and twine which were tied on to the lids of the mason jars.The Joy to the Jars product provides a sweet and warm beverage for the chilly fall and upcoming winter season.   

  • Organization and Management:  HannahCEO/sales Sarah P.CFO/sales Sarah S.VP of sales/sales Kristasales/marketing/advertising  KimMentor  And what we did to promote and market our business was as followings:  ●Flyers ●Door to Door Sales ●Social Media ●Onsite Sales 

    ○Walmart ○Posh Upscale Resale ○Ace Hardware 

    ●Word of Mouth  Marketing & Sales Strategies:   We decided as a group that it would be best for our sales to ask stores if they would be interested in putting in a purchase order for our product. After being turned down, we went to plan B  making a list of insurance agencies,real estate offices,and banks to get more of a mass market. This worked extremely well when 

  • many people ordered in bulk for their clients. We made flyers as well and received many emails and calls from those wanting to buy our product. Our last strategy was to find stores that we knew were geared towards our target market that would let us stand outside and sell. This worked very well due to the amount of people coming in and out of the stores and our product was a hit.                 

  • Financial Statements (Profit & Loss Statement): Revenue   Investments $88.26  Sales       $966  Other Income Angel Investment   $18.26  Tips        $13.37  Total Revenue $1,085.87  Expenses   Consumables $156.87  Loan        $70  Total Expenses $226.87  Net Profit $859.02  Did we meet our goal? Yes  Loan   Amount Borrowed         $88.26    Amount Repaid $70.00  (Angel investment of $18.26)  

  • TEAM

    Grey Team/Stacks on Stacks

    Note: This team ran through the school’s ASB system, so the school

    purchased the supplies directly, and loan repayment went to the school.

  • TEAM

    Calendars for Cats

    Note: Total income = $325Total expense = $275

    Profit = $50(in case hand-written is hard to read)

  • TEAM

    Aroma Archives

    Note: This team did not submit any financial statements, but they made a profit of $800+

  • Nicole Domenget, Samantha Leets, and Zoe Bassett


  • 1

    Table of Contents - 1 Description - 2

    Target Market -2

    Description of Products

    Organization and Management

    Marketing and Sales Strategy

    Financial Statements


  • 2

    Company Description Aroma Archives is a candle company focused on environmentally conscious candles, based in Oak Harbor, WA. Its run by youth entrepreneurs, so that gives an advantage in a sense that people like helping our community’s youth. We offer candles made with earth friendly materials that are handmade and especially good for the fall and winter times of year. Aroma Archives Target Market Aroma Archives targets 4 groups- local business shop owners, local restaurant owners, mid to upper income females from 20 years of age and up, and mid to upper males over 40 all in the area (Oak Harbor.) All who enjoy where they live, Whidbey Island, and care for the environment.

    Market Segmentation 1. Local Business Owners: Would like to purchase candles to sell in their store because it looks

    good to sell locally made products. Plus it would bring different types of customers into their store. Tourist especially like items that have to do with the area, and our candles say locally made on Whidbey Island.

    2. Local Restaurants: Our products offer a Whidbey Island feel, and we have the possibility of making them non-scented for a food environment. A.A. candles make great centerpieces for tables and a lot of restaurants make baskets to sell to customers and candles are possible touch.

    3. Actual Consumers: Our actual consumers will be females 20 years old and up with a mid-upper income. They enjoy relaxation and our candles are fitting to the occasion.

    4. Other Customers: Other customers, such as men of different ages, will purchase our products as gifts to our actual consumers.

    Market Segmentation Strategy

    Service Business Analysis There is a lot of places to get candles in Oak Harbor. Several locations downtown, along with the 7 drugstores in town. But only 2 or three places to get locally made candles. We also have an advantage to our competitors because Aroma Archives is run by high school students and our products are better for the environment. There is a big enough target market to sell our candles here, so we’re confident we’ll succeed.

    Description of Products Aroma Archives has two different sized candles with three scents that is can be interchangeable with each size. The Classic Masson Jar Candle is what we used to compare to our competition.

  • 3

    The average candle that size is commonly sold from 15-20 dollars, so we decided to go more inexpensive to appeal to our customers.

    The Classic Masson Jar Candle- Any of our three scents in a 12 oz. mason jar. Each candle is handmade and decorated with a bow and little add-ons. $10

    Shell Candles- Any of the three scents in a medium- small shell. Each shell is unique and the candle is again handmade. $5

    Raffle Tickets- Our raffle tickets go to winning a basket of Fall & Winter essentials! One winner randomly drawn wins a basket with 2 candles, a pair fuzzy socks, hot chocolate mix, a homemade bath bomb, a mug and a Christmas card from us. $1

    Organization and Management Nicole has always been organized, so she’s in charge of keeping track of orders and making sure cash flow is correct. Since Nicole is only a part time student at Oak Harbor High, her schedule is flexible for meeting with local businesses at convenient hours.

    Samantha is very social and her family has lived in Oak Harbor for generations so they all have many personal connections with people in the area. She’s very outgoing so she’s mostly in charge of sales and is an expert in personal selling.

    Zoe is very creative so she helps bring in new ways to display and promote our business. She is also friendly and outgoing so she makes a lot of sale in her circle. All three of the girls all care for the environment so they’re motivated to do this project.

    Marketing and Sales Strategy Our business mentor has a lot of personal and business relationships with local owners in the area so Aroma Archives got a great deal of business by her word of mouth advertising. But along with that, Aroma Archives made several flyer and they’re displayed in over 10 businesses and spread among friends. Oak Harbor is a fairly small community so news circulates quickly. We also made an advertisement at the Chambers of Commerce, because it’s a great and also free way to get word out. But the most efficient way we’ve found to advertise is by using social media. We made Aroma Archives a Facebook, along with making several posts on our personal social media which we’ve gotten a lot of feedback on.

    Financial Statements Bibliography

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