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Get a quick run-down of what was discussed during Team Detroit's SXSW panels.


  • 1. #TDISXSWWe built the beehive, now where are the flowers?

2. #TDISXSW#TDISXSW RECAP 3. #TDISXSWBuilding Relationships Through Real-Time Relevance 4. #TDISXSWSXSW// This panel discussed how brands are using the latest digital tools to create moments of real-time relevance for the brand.Jon-Paul Jacques, Blue Hive Lizz Linabury, Team Detroit Stuart ONeil, Team Detroit Mark Evans, Blue Hive Scott Mills, Team Detroit 5. #TDISXSWAn unfortunate aspect of always-on is the chase for a viral moment rather than focusing on relevant conversations. Stuart ONeil 6. #TDISXSWWhen we hear real-time relevance, we should be honing in on the word relevant. Lizz Linabury 7. #TDISXSWMarketing as a Service 8. #TDISXSWSXSW// This panel discussed the idea of marketing as a service by reimagining what brands do to help the customer by providing utility in real time.David Murphy, Team Detroit Doug Stovall, Hipcricket Helen Ectors Team Detroit Jim McArthur, Digitaria Tony Vecchiato, Team Detroit 9. #TDISXSWRe-imagine everything you do to help the customer by providing utility in real-time. David Murphy 10. #TDISXSWThere are so many tools available at our disposal. Brands need to focus on whats going to drive narrative. Jim McArthur 11. #TDISXSWPower of Design Principles in a Connected World 12. #TDISXSWSXSW// This panel looked at the power of design principles and leveraging design thinking to build brand relationships and messaging effectiveness.Michele Silvestri, Team Detroit Christine Jones, Team Detroit 13. #TDISXSWBrand is a sum of everythingthe additive effect of every positive connection it makes with a consumer. Michele Silvestri 14. #TDISXSWDesign is not just about fighting the ugly. Christine Jones 15. #TDISXSWThe Internet of Cars 16. #TDISXSWSXSW// This panel discussed the direction of the digital automotive industry along with the rise of the connected car through integrated apps, vehicle data and the data cloud.Dave Knox, Rock Fish Heidi Browning, Pandora Media Inc Scott Lange, Team Detroit Sefi Grossman, Team Detroit 17. #TDISXSWYour car is your biggest wearableits an exoskeleton that gives you super-human powers. Scott Lange 18. #TDISXSWData from cars meshed with 3rd party data creates the opportunity to give back to the greater good. Sefi Grossman 19. #TDISXSWEvolution of Storytelling: Brands as Broadcasters 20. #TDISXSWSXSW// This panel highlighted the parallels between the evolution of television and the Internet, and explore the possibilities the digital world will provide to Brands as they try to become the networks of the future.Toby Barlow, Team Detroit 21. #TDISXSWWe are a species thats pathological in our storytelling. Toby Barlow 22. #TDISXSWFollow us on social media for more!