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<ol><li> 1. TEAM CREO </li><li> 2. Our problem?WE ARE NOT GETTINGENOUGH SLEEP! </li><li> 3. WHY?? </li><li> 4. Work is weighing us down! </li><li> 5. Wait, we can dosomething about this! </li><li> 6. We can say NO! to tasks that increase our workload unnecessarily </li><li> 7. Sleep is simply rest taken seriously </li><li> 8. Seriously use your time wisely, </li><li> 9. Wisely plan your activities in time. </li><li> 10. Timely make a to-do list as well as a not to-do list, </li><li> 11. List your projects into bigand small particles. </li><li> 12. With a priority plan in check, </li><li> 13. Checkout and build a teamto demolish work bricks. </li><li> 14. Break down bricks andswitch on the fun button. </li><li> 15. Button your soothing musict-shirt to relieve stress; </li><li> 16. Stressful workloads shouldnt be your portion. </li><li> 17. Consultations and preparedness with prayerful backup </li><li> 18. Maketh your bed of rest and sleep will smile at you. </li><li> 19. Dancing and the beach breeze will refresh yourmind,Go ahead, do it!</li></ol>