Team Creo - Challenging Assumptions 3

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1. TEAM CREO 2. Our problem?WE ARE NOT GETTINGENOUGH SLEEP! 3. WHY?? 4. Work is weighing us down! 5. Wait, we can dosomething about this! 6. We can say NO! to tasks that increase our workload unnecessarily 7. Sleep is simply rest taken seriously 8. Seriously use your time wisely, 9. Wisely plan your activities in time. 10. Timely make a to-do list as well as a not to-do list, 11. List your projects into bigand small particles. 12. With a priority plan in check, 13. Checkout and build a teamto demolish work bricks. 14. Break down bricks andswitch on the fun button. 15. Button your soothing musict-shirt to relieve stress; 16. Stressful workloads shouldnt be your portion. 17. Consultations and preparedness with prayerful backup 18. Maketh your bed of rest and sleep will smile at you. 19. Dancing and the beach breeze will refresh yourmind,Go ahead, do it!