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  • 1. Literature in Second Life
    • Beth Ritter-Guth, LCCC
    • (Desideria Stockton, SL)
  • 2. British Literature I & II Projects
    • Reconstructing Beowulf: Analysis of Heroism
    • The Virtual Pilgrimage Project: Chaucers Canterbury Tales
    • The Faces of Iago: Evil and Representation in Shakespeares Othello
    • Poverty and Power: The Uses of the Ironic in Demonstrating Class Structure
  • 3. American Literature I & II Projects
    • Constructing a National Literature
    • The Freedom Writers
    • Conversations among the Romantics
    • The Poe House
    • Virtual Lady Godeys Book
    • Maggie: A Girl left to the Virtual Streets
  • 4. Women and War: Intro WS
    • Learning Community: Womens Studies and World War II Literature
    • Remembering the Comfort Women
    • WASPS, WAVES, and Homefront
    • Religion, Sexuality, Domesticity, and the Workforce
  • 5. Goals for Second Life
    • Content First; Technology Second
    • Commitment to Creative Commoms
    • Using 3d to Teach Complicated Texts
    • Inspiring Students to Critically Engage Texts