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TEACHING LISTENING TO YOUNG LEARNERSListening As The First SkillListening is the frist skill that children acquire or learn before speaking,reading, and writing.These are several point that should be paid attention for the teachers they are1. Remember that sunds that have been said, then it diappear (it must clearly,repeat,and retell)2. The listener has a very short attention span (consider the length of time based on the level and or age)3. Understand the listening of children not only the end of the exercise but also so the process when the children listen.4. Keep the key as a driver on listening subject or lesson it means a teacher holds the rule of children behaving in the teaching and learning process.

B. Knowing The Childrens Learning ChannelsThe eseential of knowing learning channel is to apply the properly methods or techniques in the classroom especially on teaching listening.As a teacher of young learners,we need to be categories in learning channels which are auditory, tactile,And Visual.

Three are categories they are as follows :

1.AuditoryThe children are able to receive listening lesson by their hearing sensory easily.2.TactileThe children are able to receive listening lesson by their tactile sensory easily.3.VisualThe children are able to receive listening lesson by their visual sensory easily. C.Classroom Techniques And ActivitiesTeaching listening skill needs a proper technique so that activity in the classroom can work effectively.Total Physical Response (TPR) is a method or technique that can be used on teaching listening properly. This method or technique really needs childrens respond during the lesson. Probably, for children less than eight years old need a promp or demonstration from the teacher when they give respond.1.TPR WITH ONE COMMAND AT TIMETPR Technique is used at one command at time from the teacher gives an intruction to the student for doing OPEN THE DOOR and the student does the instruced command. In this case the teacher must give the material before giving an instruction so that the students have already known the commands vocabularies.

2.TPR SONGSIn the TPR songs a teacher gives the material through singing a song and by listening from the teachers song student can repeat the song altogether with the teacher.

3. TPR FINGER-PLAYSA teacher explain or tells the story while she is practing her finger-plays together with the students.


A story telling is preceded by a teacher will be more interested if the teacher can mime and act based on the story telling book. Besides, the story book contains of a big picture which can entertain the students. Here, the pictures that are preceded on the book are based on the level of the students or children.It depends on the necessary of listening lesson target.

5.TPR YES / NO CARDSYes/No cards are used to get students attention on their listening concentrationYESNO6. TPR DRAWING

A teacher given an instruction and the students respond by drawing based on the teachers instruction


A teacher a listening material by giving instruction of clapping8. TPR RHYMING WORD ACTIVITIESA teacher teaches the listening material by rhyming the words , therefore , the students can easily practice the rhyming words althogether with the teacher.

9. TPR MINIMAL PAIRSIn the minimal pairs way, the children need to be focused on their listening channel because they have to differentiate the vocabularies pairs.

Untuk vidio kamu bisa ditambahkan dengan memutar lagu ini say for TPR Fingurehttp://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iixmqoESD91the eensy weensy spider.Untuk TPR Song bisa cari ag twinkel litle star ajah


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