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Deirdre Bonnycastle February 27 th 2012 Teaching Generation Z

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My presentation on educational technology for teaching in undergraduate medical education


  • 1. Deirdre Bonnycastle February 27 th 2012
  • 2. Has had access to the Internet from birth Has had access to email since elementary school Has been using social networking programs since high school
  • 3. May think they can multitask, but cant Has access to information overload like no other generation May not know how to access legitimate information (science vs opinion) May never have been exposed to educational technology.
  • 4. Growing exponentially, too rapidly to keep up Start with your objectives and choose technology to help achieve that objective Involve your students by asking If we want to do X, what tools might we use.
  • 5. Have the librarian teach a class in search literacy Create a social bookmarking account for your class where they can share articles Create a class newsletter Learn to use Twitter Learn about Apps, Simulators, Case sites
  • 6. Bookmarking http://www.diigo.com/ Newsletter http://www.scoop.it/ Twitter http://twitter.com/ Tweetdeck http://www.tweetdeck.com/
  • 7. Students can see how others write which helps improve their writing Other students can comment on what was written thus improving everyones reflection and discussion skills Other professionals can comment on what students writes thus engaging them in professional discourse
  • 8. UofS http://www.usask.ca/its/services/webpage_ hosting/blogs/ Blogger http://www.blogger.com/tour_start.g Google Doc http://youtu.be/zApehuekC-M
  • 9. Creates document that can be edited by agroup Team task Committee Research group Case based learning
  • 10. U of S http://www.usask.ca/its/services/webpage_ hosting/wiki/ Blackboard has a wiki tool PBworks http://pbworks.com/ Wikispaces http://www.wikispaces.com/