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this all about how teacher can make a difference, although it will only for a child.


<ul><li> 1. GOOD MORNING </li></ul> <p> 2. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE Presented by : Kelvri L Sinambela 3. teacher Annoying 4. You can make a difference through teaching and learning. 5. What is learning? Learning is . A way of interacting with the world. As we learn, our conceptions of phenomena change, and we see the world differently.The acquisition of information itself does not bring about such a change, but the way we structure that information and think with it doesEducation is about conceptual change, not just the acquisition of information (Biggs, 2002) 6. Learning 7. Words of Wisdom I hear, I forget I see, I remember I do, I understand (Confucius) 8. Learning styles Visual learners Auditory Learners Kinesthetic /tactile learners (Neill Fleming s Vark) 9. Learning and motivation Deep and Surface are two approaches to study, derived from original empirical research by Marton and Slj (1976) and since elaborated by Ramsden (1992), Biggs (1987, 1993) and Entwistle (1981), among others. Although learners may be classified as deep or surface, they are not attributes of individuals: one person may use both approaches at different times, although she or he may have a preference for one or the other. 10. Deep &amp; surface learning Based on Ramsden (1988) 11. Video 1 12. Teaching I do not wish to be a teacher, I am employed as a lecturer and in my naivete I thought my job was to 'know' my field, contribute to it by research and to lecture on my specialism! Students attend my lectures but the onus to learn is on them. It is not my job to teach them. (Guardian 1991) 13. 3 Types of people/teacher Those that make things happen, Those that watch things happen, Those that wonder what happened! Prof. Frank Pantridge 14. Video 2 15. Words of Wisdom I hear, I forget I see, I remember I do, I understand (Confucius) 16. Teaching role in learning Giving feedback to learners Helping learners become better learners Focusing on motivation Comparing deep and surface learning Experiential learning Looking at the learning process Looking at learning styles 17. Learning and Teaching One learns by teaching; one cannot teach except by constantly learning. Eble, 1988 17 18. Video 3 </p>