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Teacher Portfolio

Teacher PortfolioBrandon Frschmann

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann1PrefaceMy teaching portfolio you are about to view focuses on a variety of teaching strategies that I have found to be effective through my experiences teaching at every level in Middle School. Through my experiential learning, I have developed this educational philosophy; however, it is a work in progress and I expect there will be changes. I believe a willingness to implement new strategies over time leads to a strong and effective teaching style.Therefore, I will always be adding, adjusting, and modifying how I engage students based on their individual needs.Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann2Teaching experienceSpecial Education Inclusion TeacherCo-teaching ELA and Math8th Grade Learning Lab Moderator

Social Studies/Literacy Teacher6th Grade Social Studies1 Block of ESL Social StudiesSocial Studies Department ChairCopyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann3Classroom management: Facilitating LearningMake students accountable for their own learning.Keep lectures minimal.Establish consistency.Use Fisher & Frey Model.

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann4Classroom management: pizza pointsClass team reward.Points earned for classroom behavior and participation.Points taken away for failure to comply with classroom procedures.

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann5Steps of consequences.Students take accountability for their actions.A plan is made to resolve the issue in case a similar situation should occur.Based upon life-space interviews.

Classroom management: Action Plans

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann6Setting solid expectations of a class team.Roles within a team and appropriate interaction.Supporting each other to overcome learning challenges to increase overall achievement

Cooperative Learning: Team Environment

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann7Sportsmanship helps support class expectations.Competition drives motivation.Share responsibility for learning.

Cooperative Learning: Competition

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann8Sportsmanship helps support class expectations.Competition drives motivation.Share responsibility for learning.

Cooperative Learning: Selective Grouping

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann9Students are eager to fulfill their responsibilities within the group.Individuals are held accountable.Provides students with a sense of self-importance.

Cooperative Learning: Role Responsibility

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann10Literacy is important for accessing information in every subject.As Social Studies department chair, I implemented a successful literacy-driven social studies curriculum.

Emphasis on Literacy: Interdisciplinary Content

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann11BATS strategy strengthens written responses.Students use evidence from text to support their answer.Promotes higher level thinking as rigor increases.

Emphasis on Literacy: Scaffold Writing

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann12Selective grouping according to achievement level.Rigorous text is broken down by paragraph.Flexible reading strategies.Easy to modify.

Emphasis on Literacy: ABBA Partner Reading Strategy

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann13Literacy includes digital, text, and visual communications.Student must know how to access information to support their responses.Modeling using technology.

Multidimensional Literacy: Modeling how to access information

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann14Lesson starter.Allows students to use their creativity.Demonstrates their comprehension of word meanings.Interdisciplinary.

Building Vocabulary: Concept Bundles

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann15Weekly assignment.Choice Activity.Increase rigor as year progresses.

Building Vocabulary: Vocabulary Bookmarks

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann16Provides students with a suggested vocabulary list to use with vocabulary bookmarks.Unit vocabulary list is separated by color.Promotes self-efficacy.

Building Vocabulary: Word Wall

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann17Students can use words from previous units.Prior to midterms or finals, students are allowed to re-use words.Students can reference words during activities or assignments.

Building Vocabulary: Using Covered Words

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann18SIOP strategies.Gradual increase of exposure.Bilingual dictionaries.Overcoming challenges with Google Translate.

Engaging All Students: ELL Students

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann19Overcoming expectancy to fail.Scaffold assignments and tasks.Differentiating instruction without changing content.Maintaining high expectations.Engaging all students: swd

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann20Data is used to plan instruction, grouping, and re-looping.Identifies strengths and areas of improvement by standards.Acknowledges external factors that might affect student performance.

Data-Driven Instruction

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann21Being proactive in engaging students.Every interaction counts, even a simple 'fist bump' or good morning.Weekend news to share what activities students had participated in.

Building Rapport: Simple Interactions

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann22Students are aware of teachers who are involved.Provides a greater common ground to interact with students.Students feel cared for outside of the classroom.

Building Rapport: Coaching/Active Participation

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann23Student input is a highly valuable tool.Useful data for modifying lessons and determining learning styles of individual students.Relationships grow as students see that their opinions are being heard.Building Rapport: Student input

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann24Students on any achievement level can be disengaged.Motivation is increased when content relates to their interests.Increases students comprehension of content.Intrinsic Motivation: Creating Relevancy

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann25Student work must meet all criteria set by the rubric.Display resembles a trophy case to strengthen team environment.Students enjoy seeing spectators admire their work.Intrinsic Motivation: Student Showcase

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann26Work is shown from student who have shown an improvement or significant effort.Promotes students work based on relative growth.Intrinsic Motivation: Creation Station

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann27Student who performed well behaviorally/ academically is chosen to rearrange my face using a dry eraser marker.Entertains students and provides a non-traditional reward.Extrinsic Motivation: Student of the day

Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann28ConclusionThe teacher portfolio you have just viewed is a brief glimpse into the different strategies that I have found effective in my teaching experiences. As I progress in my career, I strive to improve my pedagogy to support students to grow socially and academically. This is my lifelong commitment.Copyright 2015 Brandon G. Frischmann29


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