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<ul><li> 1. Teacher Mentor Promotion Presentation Kim JordanEDL/500Jamie McClureOctober 8, 2012</li></ul> <p> 2. As Teacher Mentors you have theopportunity to shape the professionallives and futures of the beginningteachers you work with. Your work as aMentor identifies you as a leader in yourschool. 3. MY STRENGTHS FROMSTRENGTH FINDERBeing able to identify my strengths Communicationinstead of focusing on my weaknessis allowing me to become an Empathyeffective teacher leader. Accordingto Tom Raths assessment I havefive targeted strengths that I can Includerutilize to be an asset to our districtsmentor team. Strategic Woo 4. COMMUNICATIONCommunication is a valuablestrength I have obtained and feel asif I have mastered. I am able to~Bring conversati0n to life Energize others Make others excited and ideasvivid 5. COMMUNICATION CONTINUED~Easy to communicate withGreat listenerProvide opportunities for othersto relate on a personal level 6. EMPATHY Another strength I possess is empathy. I am able to~ Capable of picking up on sensitivesituations with othersAble to understand the feelings of others even when I do not alwaysagreeTrustworthy 7. EMPATHY CONTINUED~Sensitive to others feelingsand provides moral support Wants to make sure othersare always happy 8. INCLUDERI am someone who is a strongincluder. I feel the need to~ Include others and make them feel a part of the teamEncourages acceptance and ideaeveryone is equalFaithful to the end 9. INCLUDER CONTINUEDRepresent those who are notheard Leader of bringing otherstogetherConduit for information Encourages respect among everyone 10. STRATEGICI am a strong planner and able to strategize in order to accomplish atask. A few of my points of strength as a strategist are~Able to sort through a lot ofinformation and find the best way to accomplish a goalReflect on goals and discover ways to meet them 11. STRATEGICI am a school resource duringdecision making and problem solving Anticipate possible issues andstrategize to correct them When a problem arises I amcapable of strategizing to find asolution 12. WOOFinally, I have the strength to wooothers over and I love to meet andinteract with others. Some characteristics I portray are: Never a loss for wordsBreak the ice and makeconnections with new people 13. WOO CONTINUEDCan put together and manage an effective team Can create friendships among groups who are strangers to oneanother Can engage others in decisionmaking, problem solving, and teamwork. 14. LEADERSHIP ABILITIESMy strengths of communication, empathy, includer, strategist,and wooer allows me to be a great team player and mentor forany new teacher. The abilities I possess will allow me to helpdevelop a new teacher into someone who can also become aleader in the future. A new teacher will realize that I am a teamplayer and will create a passion and excitement within themwhere their goal is to experience success. 15. PERSONAL STRENGTHSThere are two strengths that I value and hold precious and thatis the ability to understand the feelings of others and make aconnections with them. In order to mentor a new teacher, youmust be able to first make a connection with them and be awareof the stress they may be under due to a new school andprofession. I have the capabilities of enabling a new teacher torelax and enjoy the experience of being a first year teacher anduse my experience and leadership traits to create a successfuleducator for our school and district.</p>


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