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Attitudes, Values, Qualities and Characteristics of a Good Teacher


  • 1. Teacher make a Difference Teaching Profession 10:00 11:00 am John Paul Reponte (BSEd Biology) University of Mindanao Digos Campus

2. A teacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops. -Hippocrates- 3. 10 Ways Teachers Make a Difference 4. 1.Inspiring The teacher provides the initial inspiration that becomes a lifelong passion. 5. 2. Encouraging When students say I can't, teachers should always there to say yes you can. 6. 3. MotivatingTeacher should always remind the students to try harder and putting 110% in everything they do that will help them to succeed. 7. 4. Realizing Student Potential Nature needs a little help from nurture, and teachers are there to fill that role. 8. 5. Role Modeling Teachers are influential to the life of learners and to the society. They must be a good role model. 9. 6. Developing Community Teachers are the backbone of the community, creating the classroom and extracurricula r experiences around which everything revolves. 10. 7. LeadingNobody knows the needs of students better Teachers than their teachers, and play a these crucial professionals leadership lead the way in role both in creating their effective schools learning and in the environments from the local greater to the national community. 11. 8. Providing Safe Haven A good teacher can be a hero. He or she may notice something's wrong to the students, provide a sympathetic ear and help students to find safe and supportive ways to solve their problems. 12. 9. RebuildingThis year, World Teachers' Day honored the crucial role that teachers play in rebuilding a community after a natural disaster or economic crisis.Teachers around the world are recovery's front line. 13. 10. Fighting Poverty . Every day teachers in impoverished Education fight is the communities most poverty by giving important poor children tool for access to the education they need fighting - and deserve - to poverty. make a better life for themselves. 14. END-Make aDIFFERENCE-


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