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Tea Party

TEA PARTYGovernment Period 4Antonio SandiforJessica OrtegaCynthia CarranzaNayadanty TellezSYMBOL

MOTTODont tread on me.CONTACT INFORMATIONCalifornia Office:Tea Party.org 24338 El Toro Rd, Suite E-108 Laguna Woods, California 92637.24 Hour 7 Days Per Week, 365 Days Per Year Live Operator (714) 796-1776

Platforms The Tea Party believes that everyone is created equal and should the same opportunity to seek life, liberty, and happiness. Their goals are as listed:Eliminate Excessive taxesEliminate the National DebtEliminate Deficit Spending Protect Free Markets Abide by the Constitution of the United States Promote Civic ResponsibilityReduce the Overall Size of GovernmentBelieve in the PeopleAvoid the Pitfalls of Politics Maintain Local Independence

POLITICAL WORLDIllegal immigration- Illegal aliens are here illegally. They want a more secure border.Taxes- Reducing personal income taxes is a must; they want to be taxed less, but it would affect the social world, because public programs would not be availabe anymore ECONOMIC WORLDForeign Oil - The Tea Party is against purchase of Foreign Oil for our daily lives. They think that we are to depend on Foreign Oil and if we keep using it our economy would get slower and prices would get higher on products of all kinds.Free Market They do not want the government to stay out of the businesses Lassiez-FaireSocial WorldObamaCare - They are against Obama Care, because it is only making things worst, and the government would be more in control. The believe that Families will have minimal control over their health care.Civic Responsibility They think that citizens should be involved in the grassroots levels. They also want the voice of the American people to be heard.

CULTURAL WORLD Gay Marriage They are highly against it, because they have a religious values that they live by, and are in favor of traditional families. They want to prohibit gay marriage in the United StatesAbortion They high religious standards make them go against abortions. They want to make it illegal for women to terminate their pregnancies. T-Chart Liberal & Conservative issuesLiberalFree MarketNational debt

Conservative Same-sex marriageAbortionHealth CareEducationImmigrationTaxesCivic ResponsibilitiesMembers of the Tea Party Ron Paul, Republican politicalRand Paul, Ron Pauls sonSarah Palin, former governor of AlaskaJenny Beth Martin, ActivistDick Armey, chairman of Freedomworks & former U.S. Representative from Texas