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We manufacture Tea bags and coffee bags. Our tea bags are used for tea packaging like loose leaf tea, indian tea, chinese tea and srilanka tea. coffee bags are used for coffee bean,coffee roasters. We manufacture stand up bags, gusset bags, stand up pouch with valve, stand up pouch with window, printed and unprinted plastic bags stock are avalable.


<ul><li> 1. Author by: Dion Silva</li></ul> <p> 2. Tea is require for livingThe paper side gusset bags are the newly developed invention in the field of packaging. Previously, thebags made were very weak, in tolerable, not handy or light in weight. But this bag has all thosequalities that are required in a perfect packaging bag. The strength of such bags can be calculated onlyby seeing its inner fine lining or coating of foil. This coating actually makes it very strong as well asmakes it an idealized bag for the packaging of the coffee and tea which can handle them with care andmaintain their taste as well as the freshness.The quality of this bag has been raised to a very different level as compare tothe other ordinary or the previously used bags. Looking at it, the impressivelooks and unbeatable qualities impressed lots of the people around the globeand people started carrying out various experiments on it.But theseexperiments gave many fruitful results as well, and these days the paperside gusset bags are modified in several forms and are commerciallyavailable throughout the market.Silver Bags Matt Gold BagsGold Bags Black BagsThe bags made up of plastic, polypropylene and many other polymers also used for the same and evenmore but out of all paper side gusset bags are mainly used. The popularity of such bags is increasingday by day and so its usage. Previously such bags were used only for tea or coffee packaging, but nowits being used almost everywhere. If the item requires high care in since of its freshness and qualitythen gusset bags are used. Either it is rice, grains, pulses or any other nutritive item their packaging isunder the control of such bags only. 3. But, the most widely tea is being used to pack using the paper side gussetbags. It is being used from the very earlier time and is still used for thesame. Mainly the tea packaging needs that the tea should remain freshinside the strong and resistant bag. Also it should not come in contact withthe outside air, and all this is possible only by using such bags. The innerlining of the foil also gives it resistance and the material of the bag does noteven react with the tea, or spoil it. In other words, it makes it inert andperfectly viable for the tea packaging purpose. The other uses are also there,but the major and the most widely used one is the tea which cannot beignored.Invention is the key to successThe new inventions or the changes that are inculcated in the normal procedure is always welcomed withthe open arms. These changes are taken as the changes for the betterment. It is not necessary that allthe changes prove to be the best or very successful, but some of them do so which makes a lot ofdifference and also opens the gate for other inventions also. It is correctly said, Inventions are the keyto success. This line is very well learned by the packaging people and so they allow all the inventionsto be experimented and if proved to be helpful then that is then sent into the market. It is because ofthis attitude, the packaging field has become so developed and so much useful that people are nowgetting addicted to it, and now it has became the vein in the body of the market.Stand up bagsGusset bagsFlat bottom Window bagsOne of such invention was the development of the stand up pouches. This proved to be very helpful andgot many appreciating hands in its support. The stand up pouches matched all the necessaryrequirement of the people and most importantly it matched the requirement of the small area in thekitchen. In laymen language, such pouches remain stand but gave you comfort. The sell of the standup pouches touched the sky and almost everywhere there was nothing but these pouches standing talland rising high.Then introduced a new invention or a change, making the paper stand up pouches which had all thequalities of the previous stand up pouches but this time it also matched the requirement of theenvironmental safety. This was evenly appreciated and then brought into use. The paper that was usedin its production was processed and was very strong enough to carry out thousands grams of weightinside it. 4. The paper stand up pouches gathered lots of popularity and as usually was seen everywhere in themarket. Then introduced a new invention or a change which brought a new face in the packaging world.The change was very minute but that brought a huge shopping satisfaction in the consumers mind. Thepaper stand up pouches with a window was developed, through which the quality, color, size, andtexture of the item packed could be seen and judged. This brought a great relief to the consumers andthe sell touched the cloud. Every company then started using such bags in order to give consumer asatisfaction which they opt for. Can I have costly coffeeIn the year 2011, the coffee made the record of highest sell throughout the world. The graph obtainedwas very much expected. Till 19s the coffee sell was very much limited to the foreign land only butnow it has made many of the consumers in India as well. The people are getting attracted to the coffeejust for its unmatchable taste and perfect aroma which cannot be obtained in any other drink. Thecoffee is nowadays considered as the best beverages and also as the best stress buster. The freshcoffee beans are somewhat costly but it is very rightly said that to gain something you have to losesomething. 5. Clear GoldClear Black Clear Matt Gold Clear Silver GoldBlack Matt Gold SilverThe high prize of the coffee is somewhat shocking, but when we go through its packaging, processingand other process behind the packet then we come to know its actual importance. Mainly the coffeebeans that are taken from the plants are processed and then packed for the selling matter. Theprocessing requires much of the man hands as well as the machineries. The packaging of the coffee isthe best and the most important part of the entire portion of the coffee making. Here, various factorsare to be taken care. 6. The coffee packet should be strong and also the valve input is very much necessary. The roasting of thecoffee makes it to release carbon dioxide which is very essential to remove which can be done only byusing the coffee bags valve. These valves remove the unwanted gases from the packet and alsomaintain the required moisture inside the packet. The coffee bags valve is like the heart of the coffeepackaging body, without which the body wont able to work any step. The valve system was practicedlong back in 80s and till now it is been used successfully, this shows how much essential and eligiblecoffee bags valve has proved themselves. Clear GreenClear BlueClear Red Clear BlackThese days the global warming matters and the environmental friendly products usage is on the hype,and the same technique is being followed by the coffee packaging people also. They developed thepaper coffee bags which has given the very successful response by the people. This step has open thenew gates of the green earth as well as many of the new steps are taken for the betterment of thepeople as well as the earth. We must respect their efforts and also give them our helpful hand for thesuccess of our country and this earth.Contact Information5123 Mount Nemo Cres.RR#2Milton, Ontario, L9T 2X6 Canada Phone: 905-336-7875Fax: 905-315-7703 E-mail: info@swisspack.ca </p>


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