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2. B - TECNODINAMICA 3. TECNODINAMICA design and construct machines and plants for the processing of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) taking advantage of their consolidated experience matured in the designing and production of industrial automation. The solidity of the mechanical structures featuring all models, guarantees a long working life. All components installed, both mechanical and electronic, are carefully selected for their reliability and high technological content. This assures the customer a high-quality product both in terms of performance and safety. The range of machines offers different cutting solutions: Contour cutters, Slicing machines, Down cutters, Scooping machines, Milling machines, Recycling plants, Automatic cutting lines, Pre-expanders and Complete Turn-key plants for block production. The production by the TECNODINAMICA machines such as profiles and sheets does meet all reequirements of different branches like the packaging, the decoration and the building industry.TECNODINAMICA - 1 4. PRE-EXPANDER The process for the production of an EPS block starts from an efficiently working preexpansion system. The new TECNODINAMICA batch pre-expanders , fully automatic, have been designed to improve the uniformity of the pre-expanded foam material and to reduce the cycle times. Our aim is to get a most advanced process of treatment of expanded beads thus obtaining higher uniformity and density of raw material at each cycle. The TECNODINAMICA batch pre-expanders allow to get the required density withoutTD940DDEVICE WHICH MEASURES AND CHECKS AUTOMATICALLY THE DENSITY2 - TECNODINAMICA 2 - TECNODINAMICADELUMPER WITH MIXERany waste of material and to reach very low densities by means of one single expansion. Every single cycle of expansion is monitored by an automatic density control device which guarantees the absolute repeatability of the cycles. The standard configuration of the TECNODINAMICA batch pre-expanders includes: pre-expander with electronic control-board, PC and touch-screen, electronic load-cell of feeding material, raw material feeder, fluidized bed-dryer, delumper and density check system. 5. The inclined pre-expanders TD900 have been designed to obtain low densities (810 gr/ltr) through second or third expansion and are composed of: Stainless steel expansion chamber Stainless steel mixer shaft with set speed ratio motor Variable-speed auger for introducing material from first expansion Electromechanical control panel Fluidised bed complete with material conveying system by Venturi Fan for drying expanded material Fan for sending material to silosTD900TECNODINAMICA - 3 . 3 TECNODINAMICAPRE-EXPANDERSINCLINED SECOND EXPANSION PRE-EXPANDER 6. BLOCK MOULDERS Our vertical block moulders are designed for the automatic production of 'EPS' Expanded Polystyrene blocks. The moulds can produce blocks of 100% raw EPS material, at a density range from min. 8 gr/ltr to max. 60 gr/ltr or blocks with a variable content of recycled EPS. The complete range includes models with fixed or variable depths and heights and different features according to the finalSOFTWARE This software enables control of the block moulder and all the parts connected to it, such as for example the vacuum plant, loading silos, block weighing and unloading devices, etc. Using names and passwords, customised for the various users, the programme defines the level of access to the various operations in order to simplify work during normal production and make the greatest amount of information accessible during control and setting procedures. The multiple windows enable the production of EPS blocks to be managed in the best way possible, controlling pressure, reaction and temperature values of the material in real-time and organising all the timings and working parameters by means of complete control of the recipes. The programme enables sintering to be controlled by creating process graphs which chronologically plot the historic file of events and enable, if necessary, former processing to be recovered together with the associated data and diagrams. A broad configuration allows the machine parameters to be set in order to perfect the production of blocks as far as possible under any conditions and with different qualities of raw materials. The supervision programme constantly files away a calendar of events and diagnostic messages making access to the information these contain possible at any time. A manual control section allows all controls on the block moulder to be carried out easily and at the same time interventions to be made during operation to interrupt or complete the production of a block.4 . TECNODINAMICA 4 - TECNODINAMICATD40100 . BLOCK MOULDERcustomer's requirements. Our block moulders can be equipped with accessories such as : Vacuum plant Pre-feeding Silo Automatic density control Simple block discharge chain Unloading device with block magazine Insert for block height reduction Thermal label printer 7. BLOCK MOULDERSPRE-FEEDING SILO WITH AIR FILTERINGUNLOADING DEVICE AND BLOCK MAGAZINEVACUUM PLANTTD4060 . BLOCK MOULDERTECNODINAMICA - 5 . 5 TECNODINAMICA 8. AUTOMATIC CUTTING LINES Our cutting lines are designed and produced according to the specific customer's requirements, the type of work to be performed and the size of block to be processed. They are suitable for a high production volumes and for high level of accuracy in processing EPS sheets. They can be supplied including variousoptions: block magazine, automatic block tilter, cutting stations with stationary or oscillating wires, automatic or manual wire setting, automatic scrap removal on all sides, de-stacking and marking stations. The electrical and mechanical construction features comply with safety standards in force and the CE mark.SOFTWARE As applications in polystyrene evolve, so the need to cope with ever faster and more particular production requirements increases. Automatic cutting lines are carefully studied to suit the needs of the user, therefore the management software also needs to be customised so that it is simple and at the same time reliable. Tecnodinamica create their own programmes in order to interface the user with cuttingedge and innovative solutions, so they can easily update customised requests and facilitate maintenance with specific diagnostic controls. There are common features which simplify the management of lines which are bulky and complex for the user, for example: Storable work cards for repetitive production; Tables for automatically checking regulation (such as cutting speed, temperature and wire burning corrections) depending on the density of the material; Programmable block count; A broad range of possibilities to configure technical parameters and flexibility in enabling parts to optimise performance; Specific diagnostics for signal control able to create an historic file of processing events for each section of the machine; Connection to remote servicing. A graphic interface allows the operator to have immediate control over the processes taking place in the workstations.6 . TECNODINAMICA 6 - TECNODINAMICABlock magazine and tilter.Block aligning system. 9. AUTOMATIC CUTTING LINESFrame with oscillating wiresBottom scrap removalAdjustable roller bed and scrap collectionCross cutter with side pushing tableTD1000 . AUTOMATIC CUTTING LINETECNODINAMICA - 7 . 7 TECNODINAMICA 10. CONTOUR CUTTERS Our multi-wire computer-controlled contour cutters are suitable for manufacturing profiles for packaging, window display and insulation. The range includes more than 60 models in the following versions: on fixed table, on belt, 2 - 3 and 5 axes, with manual or automatic wire setting systems. Cutting widths range from 1000 to 4000 mm. Belt models can be equipped with anumber of accessories such as: Vertical cutting station Downcutting station Scrap removal Automatic loading and unloading devices The electrical and mechanical construction features comply with safety standards in force and the CE mark.TD115 . CONTOUR CUTTER ON FIXED TABLESOFTWARE This software enables the profile design project to be easily managed and Tecnodinamica contour cutters to be immediately controlled (both those on fixed tables and on belts, with automatic or manual wire positioner). In particular, the Project drawing programme allows profiles to be created by means of an intuitive graphic interface. It provides a wide range of possibilities for managing and controlling any design element, configuring for these different working parameters such as Speed and Pause at every point of the profile.8 . TECNODINAMICATD120A . CONTOUR CUTTER ON FIXED TABLE WITH AUTOMATIC SETTING 11. CONTOUR CUTTERSTD370 . CONTOUR CUTTER ON BELTTD370A . CONTOUR CUTTER ON BELT WITH AUTOMATIC SETTINGTD260A . 5 AXIS CONTOUR CUTTER WITH AUTOMATIC WIRE SETTINGTECNODINAMICA . 9 12. SLICING MACHINES Our slicing machines are suitable for producing plane and tapered sheets, in various thicknesses, with a cutting accuracy of a tenth of a millimetre. The range includes: Slicing machines with electronically tilting interchangeable frames Computer-controlled slicing machines with fixed or programmable inclination and automatic wire setting The computerized models are equipped with an automatic system to regulate the cutting speedSOFTWARE In the case of machines with automatic wire setting, software control enables the thicknesses and quantities of sheets to be obtained to be entered even with mixed sizes. Cutting parameters such as Speed, Burning and Temperature are managed automatically according to the density of the material and can be varied manually by the operator. The accuracy of the wire setting guarantees a high degree of precision in the measurements obtained. A system of wire tensioning sensors automatically regulates the speed with variations wh