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  • 1. Page 8 Wednesday, October 1, 2014 The Chronicle-News Trinidad, Colorado Community TRAP & SKEET Trinidad State Clays Shooting Team does well in Wyoming meet Special to The Chronicle-News Over the weekend the Trinidad State Clays Shooting Team traveled north for the Wyoming High Plains Round Up clays event held in Cheyenne. The team, established early this year, competed against eight other schools and 15 squads of shooters. The five-member team received the following awards: 3rd Place High Overall and 1st Place Highest Squad in Handicap Trap. The Team also finished in 3rd place in American Trap and 3rd place in American Skeet. The rotating team is open to any Trinidad State student and practices once a week at Prator Gun Range southeast of Trinidad. Team members for future events are selected from those with the highest scores during practice rounds. Photo courtesy of Greg Boyce / TSJC (L-R) Patrick Murray, Wilhelm Orten, James Norin, Kevin Wedg-worth, C.J. Lee, and Coach Joe Diliberto with commemorative belt buckles from the Wyoming High Plains Rountd Up event. WACKY WORLD It was the law, and it was stupid odd legislation then, now By Scott Mastro Correspondent The Chronicle-News Antiquated laws often read as if they were written by a committee of the stupid-est people in town. Many were legislated at the end of the 1800s and in the early 1900s. Many still exist. Here are some of them. In Wilbur, Washing-ton, its illegal to ride an ugly horse, begging the question, whats a good-looking horse, who is de-termining this, and what previous experience do they have? In Mohave County, Arizona, if youre caught stealing soap, you have to wash yourself with it until its gone. What hap-pens if youre caught stealing Viagra? In Tennessee, it is illegal for an atheist to hold office, but its okay for a greedy politi-cian to do it anywhere, anytime, with the full backing of the rest of the government. In Quitman, Georgia, chickens may not cross the road, so if a comedian asked, Why did the chicken cross the road? a Quitman audience would shout, Cant happen. In California, it was illegal for a woman in a housecoat to drive a car, or in St. Louis, Missouri for a fireman to rescue a woman wearing a nightgown. In Memphis, Tennes-see, a woman was not allowed to drive a car unless a man was in front of it waving a red flag. In Florida anyone who wanted to take a bath had to wear clothes. There was a South Carolina law that al-lowed a husband to beat his wife on the courthouse steps on Sunday, and an Ari-zona one for a man to beat his wife once a month, while in Kentucky it was illegal to marry the same man four times, especial-ly if he beat her on the courthouse steps, on Sunday, anywhere, more than once a month. For animals, it is illegal to lick toads in Califor-nia or to tie a crocodile to a fire hydrant in Michi-gan, but its okay for police to bite a dog in Pauld-ing, Ohio if they think it will calm the dog down. In Louisville, Ken-tucky, residents may not own chickens, but can own up to three turkeys. Colorado has its own laughable legislature. In Logan County, it is illegal for a man to kiss a woman while she is asleep. A Peeping Tom would have to be a witness. Pueblo says it is illegal to let a dandelion grow within city limits. Sterling does not allow cats to run loose without having been fit with a tail-light, and it is illegal to ride a horse there while under the influence. The law does not specify if the rider and/ or the horse must be sober. An old Colorado law said a person needed a doctors prescription before taking a bath. Boulder says it is legal to challenge a police officer, until he or she asks you to stop. In Denver it is unlawful to lend your vacuum cleaner to your next-door neighbor. They might make a bong out of it. In Colorado, you cannot defend your-self in an aggressive manner, nor can you aggress yourself in a defensive manner, or vice versa. To the east, Kansas has ruled that, When two trains meet at a crossing, both shall come to a full stop and neither shall start again until the other has gone. New Mexico has made it il-legal for idiots to vote, and in Las Cruces it is illegal to carry a lunchbox down Main Street. Trinidad forbids fowl run-ning loose, and people who smell bad from doing so. Perhaps there should be National Stupid Law Day, where these and other odd laws are tested, because, when it comes to laws, a lot never made sense, and we al-ready have enough silly things to be think-ing about. To comment or add an odd law, email