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An exploration of TBC in an age of flux


  • 1. TBC: TBC in the age of ux @davemee / TANDOT.co.uk / @MadLabUK was going to talk about TBC in the age of ux, not sure where to start though.
  • 2. wikipedias always a good one http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tbc theyve dened it for us
  • 3. but then I came back it for a screenshot and it had changed which is denitive? its easy to say the most recent one, but my time of access decides which ones right
  • 4. www.ickr.com/photos/ thepotato/333319881/ its like schrodingers cat - i dont nd out the truth till I access it - access is the decider
  • 5. Understanding Media: the extensions of man/Routledge Classics now, i couldnt remember what i said i was talking about - I had to check the event website - and this reminds me of Marshall McLuhan technologies as extensions of the nervous system
  • 6. and now we all externalise our knowledge - things we remember, how to do things - a critical skill is not learning per se, but knowing how to nd someone elses learning
  • 7. 2003 IBM / HistoryFlow of Iraq on Wikipedia and we trust in an ever emergent, unxed, quantum set of data and documents. this is wikipedias irag page visualised.
  • 8. www.ickr.com/photos/ doyle_saylor/444354042/ heres another dead guy - walter benjamin, a german intellectual and essayist. hes quite famous for an essay known - in english - as the work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction # hes quite interested in the idea of aura, authenticity, which is lost in mass produced media
  • 9. heres a photograph of the making of itself - a metaphotograph. each step of mediation changes the meaning of the next step of the product, leaves less aura and authenticity
  • 10. so this is the ambassadors, a painting by hans holbein ... though actually, its not. its a photograph of it. and theyre not ambassadors, theyre a painting of ambassadors
  • 11. and this is a photograph of a reproduction of it. a photograph of a reproduction of a painting of sketches of two ambassadors
  • 12. so in a way, weve been messing with our idea of reality, memory and what is real for a long time. elizabeth loftus planted false memories of seeing sylvester the cat at disneyland into people by describing the tactility of the experience. of course, as a WB property this could not happen.
  • 13. neuroproductions.be/twitter_friends_network_browser/ whats this got to do with planning? decentralisation. these tools and technologies allow us to swap the referent for the reference - mobile phone numbers, twitter accounts, identity theft. as we use these tools we create increasingly inauthentic connections. they dont connect us - they connect abstractions of us
  • 14. Wolfram Huke, commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:JuergenHabermas_crop2.jpg so when we organise and coordinate activity - as we increasingly do - through these devices, it creates a disconnect between us and our outcomes. our communication isnt free, its dened by the mediums it passes through, and the nature and conditions of them
  • 15. thewwwblog.com/images/twitter/mikeyy-worm-attack.png So when we have a great, but net-native communication environment like Twitter, where the brevity and limits are inherent parts of the communication, weird stuff can happen. this is how the mikeyy virus was so successful - it was easy to impersonate people
  • 16. nosysnoop.wordpress.com/2007/09/26/couple-le-for-divorce-after-an-online-affair-with-each-other/ Taken to an extreme - Taiwanese couple - here reported as a bosnian couple - le for divorce. their representations start dating electronically and only when they meet in the esh do they realise theyre already together.
  • 17. but at the same time - this gives us a lot of power. we can constantly improve our knowledge, share learning and experiences, and respond in a more timely and uid manner than ever before. this is what scott did with his 20 versions of bladerunner. and in a way - tyrell too - a man who caused trouble with fake memories and abstracted identites.
  • 18. www.ickr.com/photos/ brainsluice/294087990/ you know who else did this?
  • 19. Conclusions: To be conrmed. so what have we learnt? Im not really sure - its yet to be conrmed. but were increasingly mediating our lives and memory through communal, changing channels and it will be interesting to see where it goes - whether peak oil will not only make things more difcult, but also render us dumber as the supporting rug is pulled out under us.
  • 20. Thanks for strolling with me! @davemee / @TANDOT / @MadLabUK


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