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  1. 1. Presented by: Md:Tazul islam Welcome to my presentation
  2. 2. Subject : Multimedia & Graphics
  3. 3. Multimedia means that computer Infomation can be represented though Audio, video,Text,Graphics,and animation in addition to traditional media. Multimedia:
  4. 4. Element of Multimedia Audio signal is a electronic signal . It is represent for the Audio
  5. 5. Video Video is an electronic medium for the recording. copying ,playback broadcasting, and display, of moving visual media.
  6. 6. Text Texting is the act of composing and sending brief messages between two or more mobile phones.
  7. 7. Graphics' Something written visual image or designs on some surface,such as a wall,canvas, screen, paper
  8. 8. Animation Animation process of the creating the illusion of motion and shape change such as motion picture film video tape animation or digital video.
  9. 9. Classification of multimedia Interactive Multimedia Non interactive Multimedia Entertainment Multimedia Edutainment Multimedia Miscellaneous Multimedia
  10. 10. Interactive multimedia Interactive multimedia relation with many stage in the directly connection example learning CD,medical software CD
  11. 11. Non interactive Multimedia Interactive multimedia is not relation with many stage in the directly connection example learning CD,medical software CD
  12. 12. Entertainment Multimedia Entertainment multimedia refers to content that uses a multimedia include a combination of text, audio, still image,animation,or interactive content forms.
  13. 13. Edutainment Multimedia Edutainment multimedia are one of the most important aspect of modern advertising and marketing. for example edutainment CD,DVD etc
  14. 14. Miscellaneous Multimedia Miscellaneous multimedia consisting of members of elements of different kinds of mixed character. Exit
  15. 15. Yes No Are you sure Exit