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Saša Hassan presented recent launches of Machine Translation on the eBay site for various locales, e.g. Russian and Latin American markets, which enables buyers to shop in their native languages and fosters overall cross-border trade. The core MT stack is based on Moses and is embedded in a larger orchestration layer. This presentation is a part of the MosesCore project that encourages the development and usage of open source machine translation tools, notably the Moses statistical MT toolkit. 

MosesCore is supported by the European Commission Grant Number 288487 under the 7th Framework Programme. 

For the latest updates go to http://www.statmt.org/mosescore/ or follow us on Twitter - #MosesCore


  • 1. Machine Translation atSaa HasaneBay Machine Translation Applied ScienceTAUS MT ShowcaseVancouver, BC, Oct 29, 2014

2. Outline Introduction to eBay MT at eBay: Architectural overview Quality assurance ConclusioneBay MT 2 3. Who We Are One of the worlds largest online marketplaces Connect buyers and sellers globally 152+M active users 800+M total listings (80% new) Enabled Commerce Volume in Q3 2014 was $63 billion Cross-border trade grew 27%, representing $14 billion of ECV Technical scale: 150PB of data storage (Hadoop) 10k nodes / 150+k cores Log aggregation: 8-10TB per day 300+M user queries per day 8.6B pages served per dayeBay MT 3 4. Cross-Border Trade (CBT)Source: Modern Spice Routes PayPal reporteBay MT 4 5. Cross-Border Trade (CBT)Source: Modern Spice Routes PayPal reporteBay MT 5RULATAMFRITESDEPT 6. Transaction Flowebay.comin EnglisheBay MT 6ebay.comin Russian 7. Primary use caseseBay MT 7 8. Primary use caseseBay MT 8Query Translation(RUEN)= red shoes 9. Primary use caseseBay MT 9Query Translation(RUEN)= red shoesItem TitleTranslation(ENRU) 10. Primary use cases (contd)Item DescriptionTranslation(EN RU, ondemand)eBay MT 10 11. Supported languagesRealtimeNear-RealtimeOn-demandeBay MT 11 QT: Query Translation ITT: Item Title Translation IDT: Item Description Translation M2MT: Member-to-Member TranslationLanguage QT ITT IDT M2MTRUEN eBay eBay Bing BingPTEN eBay eBay Bing BingESEN eBay eBay Bing BingFREN eBay eBay ITEN eBay DEEN DEENENDE QueryLanguageInventoryLanguage 12. ArchitectureeBay MT 12 13. ArchitectureeBay MT 13 14. TeamseBay MT 14MT Engineering Orchestration Layer Deployment MonitoringMT Science Data acquisition Engine training & Analytics Quality improvementsL10N / MTLS Human translations Post-Editing Evaluation & Feedback 15. Technology stack Orchestration layer (Java) Core MT based on Moses (XMLRPC): Phrase-based decoder w/ out-of-the-box features Tuned heavily for translation throughput: 20 msec per user search query (online, realtime)