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  1. 1. Tatum OverviewWhy Tatum Unmatchedexpertise in finance,accounting andoperations Hands-on executivesto address your mostpressing strategicneeds 79% of Tatumsclients contact uswhen they needurgent help 87% of Tatumsclients recommendTatum to othercompaniesTatum providesfull-spectrumsolutions andexecutive-levelimplementationthat amplify yourperformanceand bottom-linebusiness impact.Who we areWe are a firm of experts.We excel at drivinglasting strategic change inorganizations. Weve beenin business since 1993, andover that time, we haveproudly served more than6,000 clients. We havethe relevant expertise,matched to your industryand your particularchallenges. Many of us areproven corporate leaders,who have struggledwith the same C-suitechallenges as our clients,and succeeded. Whobetter to turn to as yourteams trusted advisor?The TatumadvantageStrategy, execution andaccountability. Thosethree words rarelygo together when itcomes to the typicalprofessional services firm.And theyre exactly whyTatum is so different. Itstarts with a firm-wideengagement model andclient experience thatturns our experience,expertise and knowhowinto your competitiveadvantage.Executive Solutions | visit us online at www.tatum-us.comWe offer Hands-on solutions delivered by executive leadersand consultants who plug into your company fastand optimize your strategy and operations from dayone. We never leave a client without fulfilling ourpromise: to amplify your resources, efforts andbottom-line business impact. Because your companycant reach its goals on recommendations alone;it takes a strategic partner, accountable for thesolution, its implementation and the bottom-linebusiness impact we promise to deliver.DrivingSustainableImpactOptimizationBrandPromiseGROWTHPerformanceManagement and Advisory ServicesExecutive LeadershipFinance & ITSTAGEEARLY Servicesion TransactTRANSACTION& TURNAROUNDEffectivenessMATURITYRequirementsFinance currentthe in InfrastructureEfficiencies &marketInformationRisk Mitigation& Compliance
  2. 2. Contact usBusiness Transformation & TransactionsExtracting the maximum value from your transformation ortransaction requires a deliberate and decisive plan. Having Tatum onboard for the spectrum of the acquisition to spin-off, carve-out orsale, guarantees more clarity, better strategy and higher return oninvestment. Core competencies include: M&A Due Diligence Post Merger Integration IPO Readiness Buy/Sell Readiness Capital Raising Technical Accounting andCarve-Out/Fresh StartYour compliance and risk challenges are unique. Thats why Tatumconsultants and operational leaders have the industry-relevantexpertise to develop and manage the processes and systems that aretailored to your needs and will protect your companys value.Core competencies include: Financial Risk Management Contract Compliance Policies and Procedures IT and Internal Auditors Process DocumentationPerformance Improvement & TechnologyIf your KPIs are in decline, or your strategy just doesnt have thehorsepower to succeed, Tatum has operations process improvementexperts to optimize your team and the technology skills to refresh oroverhaul the IT that supports them. Core competencies include: Operations process IT Design and Planningimprovement or cost reduction IT Implementation Revenue Cycle Management Project Management Finance TransformationWe manage and deploy proven executive leaders who have thefinance, operational and accounting expertise to plug into yourorganization and amplify your business impact when you need it most,during an executive transition or vacancy in the C-suite.Core competencies include: Professional Project Staffing Executive Search Interim CFO Skills Gap Interim CIORisk, Controls & GovernanceExecutive Leadership & SearchShawn McKinstrieClient PartnerOne Penn PlazaSuite 2435New York, NY 10119About Tatum, a Randstad companyTatum is a leading professional and interim services firm offering hands-on strategic, financial and technology solutions that measurablyimprove business performance. Tatums executive leaders and consultants help companies navigate critical points in the businesslifecycle and execute their strategic initiatives. Our deep management and operational expertise, keen strategic consultancy and afocus on follow-through enable our teams to deliver solutions that drive sustainable impact. With a national footprint of offices in keymarkets, our firm is ready to mobilize locally anywhere in the country. Tatum is an operating company of Randstad US.To learn more about Tatum, visit www.tatum-us.com.