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  • By: Amina DuroTattoos

  • Introduction

    Humans have marked their bodies with tattoos for thousands of years. These permanent designssometimes plain, sometimes elaborate, always personnel have served as amulets, status symbols, declarations of love, signs of religious beliefs, adornments and even forms of punishment. Tattooing is a growing trend and will continue to grow. tattooing can be found all throughout history. it is spread all around the world. in different countries and different ethnicities. Personally I love tattoos and getting them many people share my ideals. Any many people enjoy covering their bodies with tattoos.

  • Tattoos have become a rich part of american culture today.

  • There many different styles and types of tattooing but in only naming 4

  • The first of the 4 are memorial tattoos.

  • Memorial tattoos are a way to immortalize a person who has passed.

  • It is also a way to show that the person is still alive through you.

  • Memorial tattoos can be found anywhere and can look like anything but the meaning it has to someone is always the same

  • The next category is for the sake of art.

  • Many people use tattooing as a form of self-expression.

  • I believe people who get tattoos are bold bc they aren't afraid to express themselves despite the negative criticism.

  • Tattooing is an art not defined by paper and the body is the canvas.

  • The third type of tattoo would be Name tattoos.

  • Putting someone's name tattooed on your body is a way to show love for that person.

  • Names are significant bc they always mean a lot to that person.

  • When you tattoos a name on you it symbolizes love .

  • Last but not least would be street tattoos.

  • Tattoos you get on the street dont always turn out good, It all depends on the artist and their equipment.

  • Although it is dangerous and i dont recommend it many street tattoos turn out great if

    taken care of properly.

  • My family for letting me photograph their tattoos.As well as to

    Special thanks to..Camilo Castillo

    Marina villareal

    Angie (cakes) layton

    Patrina Olvera

    patsy olvera

    Roberta rivas

    varissa rivas

    Alana Duro