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    As Chief Executive Officer of Tourism Tasmania, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Tasmanias Western Wilderness.

    In this official Holiday Guide for the Western Wilderness, you will find everything you need to know about this region, steeped in history and home to Tasmanias World Heritage Wilderness Area.

    In the Western Wilderness you can follow in the footsteps of infamous convicts and legendary alpine pioneers; thankfully youre no longer required to rough it as they did. At the iconic Cradle Mountain you can stay in a five-star lodge or comfortable cabin and finish a days walking with a gourmet meal or hot tub.

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    Cradle Mountain 6

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    Corinna 17

    Indulgence in the Wilderness 18

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    Rosebery 26

    Zeehan 27

    Queenstown 28

    Strahan 30

    Central Highlands 38

    Mole Creek 40

    Events 42

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    Michael Walters, George Apostolidis, Tim Trevaskis, Cradle Mountain Discovery Parks, Courtesy Cradle Mountain Lodge, Gabi Mocatta, Eli Greg, Joe Shemesh, Ken Boundy Garry Moore, Tony Tyter, Brian Dullaghan, Dan Fellows Rick Eaves, Greg Love, Joe ShemeshPure Tasmania, Bill Bachman James Lauritz, Lap Fung Lam Tourism Tasmania, Stuart Crossett Front Cover: Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake, Michael WaltersGraphic Design: Caramel Creative Production: Cradle Coast Authority

    Tragedy and triumph have shaped this terrain and adventures still happen every day. You can meet local characters on a steam powered railway journey, raft the mighty Franklin River or kayak along the stunning Gordon River. Take a luxury cruise on Macquarie Harbour and the Gordon River, and combine adventure with gourmet food and wine.

    Im sure youll enjoy your visit and dont forget to drop in and say hello to the friendly people in the local visitor information centres while youre there. Theyre bound to share a few secrets with you about the Western Wilderness - just look for the yellow `i symbol.

    Tony Mayell,

    CEO Tourism Tasmania

    For further information on Tasmanias Western Wilderness, visit www.tasmaniaswesternwilderness.com.au


    Gordon River Cruises

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    Western Wilderness

    With its jagged mountains, wild tannin-dark rivers, ancient forests and heath, the Tasmanian wilderness is a place of spectacular beauty ...

    Lake Burbury

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    With its jagged mountains, wild tannin-dark rivers, ancient forests and heath, the Tasmanian wilderness is a place of spectacular beauty, much of it so remote and inaccessible that only the intrepid or the foolhardy will ever enjoy its secrets. But drivers too have a chance to witness the wonders of pristine wildness by following the Lyell Highway, which traverses the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park for sixty or so kilometres and offers three fantastic short walks: Donaghys Lookout, the Franklin River and the Nelson Falls.

    Follow the Murchison Highway and the road eventually leads to Cradle Mountain, for a spa experience that is the ultimate in self-indulgence, and the start of the Overland Track, one of the worlds great walks through one of the worlds most beautiful places.

    The area is judged so precious that no less than 1.38 million hectares have been given World Heritage listing, meeting seven of the ten possible criteria for inclusion including Aboriginal sites that date back 36,000 years, even before the glaciers of the last Ice Age shaped the deep valleys and buttongrass moorlands. No less remarkable is the Tarkine, an enchanting land of giant trees that reaches to sand dune beaches kilometres in length, and a pounding sea fuelled by the cleanest air in the world. From picture-pretty Strahan, time travel on a mirrored river to salute a 2000 year old Huon Pine, traverse a mighty harbour and tremble at Sarah Islands scary secrets.

    Marvel at a profusion of rare plants found only in Tasmania; at the Tasmanian devil representing the worlds largest carnivorous marsupial; and at the platypus and echidna its earliest mammals.

    But there is something more special about wilderness than mere facts can convey. Whilst civilisation is a reflection of our achievements, wilderness is an expression of something immeasurably greater that, if we are open to the experience, is a window to our souls.

    The Tarkine

    Kayaking on the Pieman River

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    Cradle Mountain

    Like the ruined remnants of a medieval castle towering above its moat, the image of Cradle Mountain rising behind Dove Lake has become synonymous with Tasmania itself. This is the starting point for one of the worlds great walks, the Overland Track, that finishes sixty five kilometres further south at Lake St. Clair, Australias deepest fresh water lake. For those who wish to immerse themselves in nature this

    is an opportunity to experience one of the worlds greatest multiday walks through the World Heritage listed Cradle Mountain/Lake St. Clair National Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty with lakes and tarns, jagged mountains including the states highest peak Mount Ossa (1617m), buttongrass plains, rivers, streams and forested valleys.

    There are less ambitious choices that cater for every level of fitness or available time. Day walks range from a strenuous eight hour ascent up the summit of Cradle Mountain to a

    twenty minute boardwalk stroll along the banks of the Pencil Pine River.

    Though it rarely exceeds two metres in height, The Fagus Tree or Deciduous Beech (Nothofagus Gunnii), as Australias only deciduous native tree, is a visual delight with its tapestry of red and gold foliage during the months of April and May. At many times of the year, the browns and greens of the rugged environment are blanketed by snow, transforming this magical place into an alpine wonderland.

    The Overland Track, that finishes sixty five kilometres further south at Lake St. Clair, Australias deepest fresh water lake.

    Cradle Mountain Canyons

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    Our scenic helicopter flights will take you over magnificent mountains, deep valleys and gorges and glacial lakes all created thousands of years ago. Spectacular scenery on a flight you will long remember.


    T 03 6492 1132cradlemountainhelicopters@bigpond.comwww.adventureflights.com.au

    Hear the call of the wild from these enchanting huts, most with log fires, all private, self-contained, hand-built from natural timber and surrounded by mountain rainforest. 200 metres from the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre.


    3876 Cradle Mountain Road, Cradle Mountain TAS 7306, T 1800 831 595, www.cradlehighlander.com.au, info@cradlehighlander.com.au

    Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake

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    The fascinating history of the park can be discovered by visiting Waldheim, a replica of the house built by visionary naturalist, Gustav Weindorfer, who became enchanted by the majesty of the mountain near which he built his home. In 1910, on the summit of the mountain with his wife Kate, Weindorfer made his prophetic announcement: This must be a national park for the people for all time, a resolution he achieved within his lifetime.

    Based from the lodges and hotels clustered near the entrance to the park, as well as the shorter walks, there are many other attractions at Cradle Mountain. Spotlight tours

    available from the Lodge showcase the creatures of the night, such as wombats, pademelons, quolls and devils, in their natural habitat. Tours by quad bike, plane, helicopter or on horseback are popular alternatives. Guided walks, slide shows and films at several venues such as Cradle Mountain Lodge, include a history of the area, or documentaries and interpretations about wildlife and flora. Cradle Mountain Helicopters will fly you over the mountain for the views of a lifetime.

    The Wilderness Gallery is a world-class display of photography and home to the Tasmaian Tiger Exhibition Thylacine. The Gallery

    also sells souvenirs as does the Parks Visitors Centre and Cradle Mountain Lodge, along with maps, guidebooks and outdoor clothing. Wine and cheese appreciation events augment a range of fine cuisine or wholesome country cooking, available at several of the hotels.

    Explore the mysterious world of the shy Tasmanian devil at this unique alpine conservation park, located 500m from the Cradle Mountain National Park. Open Daily, advanced bookings recommended for night feeding tours at 5.30pm (also 8.30pm during daylight savings).


    3950 Cradle Mt Road, Cradle Mountain TAS 7306, T 03 6492 1491 info@devilsatcradle.com, www.devilsatcradle.com

    Cabin and Caravan Park located at the entrance of Cradle Mountain National Park. High quality, self-contained cabins with fully equipped kitchens. Deluxe cottages with gas fires, some with spa baths. Features: BBQ area, Camp Kitchen, Laundry, AUSTAR and Licensed On-site Shop.

    Discovery HoliDay Parks - craDle Mountain

    cradle Mountain road, cradle Mountain tas 7310, t 1800 068 574cradle@discoveryparks.com.au, www.discoveryholidayparks.com.au

    Cradle Mountain Lodge

  • tasmaniaswesternwilderness.com.au

    Tours by quad bike, plane, helicopter or on horseback are popular alternatives.

    Cradle Mountain Wilderness Village is locat


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