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NEW RESOURCES FOR ENGLISH TEACHERSTASK 3 Maite FernndezTITLE OF ACTIVITY: My favourite recipe.TIMING: At least two sessions.TOPIC:Food.OBJECTIVES:To be able to give an oral presentation -with visual support -slide.ly- on their favourite food.ACTIVITY:1. The teacher shows the students the pictures of the different steps of a recipe (e.g.: Cupcakes), but not in the correct order. They must put them in order.2. With the help of the pictures, they have to guess the ingredients they need and how to make the recipe. They write the recipe in pairs.3. They watch a slide.ly of the recipe (using the same pictures at the beginning of the class, but with the steps written on them) and they have to compare the recipe they have written with the one they are watching.4. In pairs or individually, they have to prepare an oral presentation about their favourite recipe and create a slide.ly showing the steps.