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Target Audience Research III

Page 2: Target audience research iii

Primary Research is the collection of data and information directly from it’s source, such as interviews and questionnaires.

Secondary Research is research you have obtained by already existing sources or information, like a company or organisation who have researched similar information to you.

Qualitative Research has much more open questions, giving the respondent a lot more control over their own answer so it is very broad and more difficult to analyse. The answers are as long or as short as the respondent pleases. To analyse it would be best to find reoccurring themes using content analysis.

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My Research and the Key Questions

The form of my primary research involved qualitative questions – some were demographic based, others were object-oriented thus helping to answer the target question “Who would be the audience of your media product?”. By including demographic and object-oriented questions it became a lot more easier to see who my target audience was and the features they’d like to see in an opening film sequence.

Secondary research helped me to approach my audience as my Target Audience Research II highlighted who is most likely to watch and enjoy films more than others, which was the 15-20 age range who lived in the suburbs, so according to this I made sure to approach people within this target demographic. More secondary research was conducted via google; I researched templates for qualitative questions so this helped me structure the questionnaire I used.

“How did you address your audience?” – the lexis used was quite formal as I hoped that with my participants being in further education they would more easily understand but also understand that this questionnaire required serious, honest responses.

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My Qualitative Questionnaire The questionnaire included as total of 18 questions, 4 of them being more demographic/quantitative than the rest just to get an idea of who is answering it. The questionnaire was answered by users of social realism rather than non-users so I could be sure they understood what the questions were asking. The majority of the questions asked the participant to comment on their feelings about film types – mainstream and social realism – but also about film opening sequences so the answers were able to help with my initial project of creating a social realism opening film sequence.

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The Questions 1) What is your date of birth?

2) What is your gender?

3) What region do you live in?

4) What is your employment status or income?

5) Where were you educated? How long for? When was you educated? In your opinion, what sort of quality was the education?

6) Do you enjoy watching films? Why?

7) How do you feel about big budget “Hollywood block busters”?

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The Questions (continued) 8) Why do you think Hollywood films are mostly globally successful

which attract major audiences?

9) What movie opening that you’ve seen is very memorable? Why?

10) What do you think about lower budget, independent films/cinemas?

11) What do you understand about the term “social realism”?

12) What do you think an issue within a film narrative would be?

13) What do you think a theme within a films narrative would be?

14) What type/genre/style of film do you most enjoy? Why?

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The Questions (continued)

15) What features of a film opening would make you interested in wanting to watch the rest of the film?

16) What features of a film opening would help touch on serious themes and issues?

17) What are the best and worst features, in your opinion, of a mainstream big budget film?

18) What are the best and worst features, in your opinion, of a smaller budget social realist film?

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Example Answers

(It printed obscurely so scanned odd too)

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Content Analysis Once I had conducted my primary research I analysed the results by

finding recurring themes within the participants answers.

8, 17, 18) However, what was also recurring themes were that they understood that Hollywood films were more successful because of their bigger budgets and found that although they had good storylines, they were far fetched and unrealistic compared to a social realism, lower budget films.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) As predicted, my demographic questions revealed that they were young adolescents who enjoyed film and were still in education – they are my target audience.

Page 13: Target audience research iii

Content Analysis 12, 13, 16) The participants knew the basics between what

an issue is and what a theme in the narrative of a film would be and thought the best way for a film opening to

touch on these themes and issues would be a slow, mysterious yet attention grabbing scene.

7, 9, 10, 11) My participants believed Hollywood films to be good as they’re usually a spectacle to see yet the openings of films that strike them the

most are odd and mysterious. As I asked user segmented audience, they partly understood what is meant by ‘social realism’ so believed

independent, lower budget films to mostly be a deep meaningful portrayal of real life but sometimes can have bad acting.

Page 14: Target audience research iii

Content Analysis Conclusion Through my Target Audience Research III, I am able to conclude that for my

opening film sequence to be appealing to my audience it must feature a sense of mystery as well as a shocking, gripping sequence to reveal a particular theme

or issue. The acting must be as good as I can possible obtain to keep the audience interested and the location and characters are to stay very realistic.