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Digital Discounted: Why Mobile Strategy for Outlet Malls is Outdated Megan McDonald

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Digital Discounted: Why Mobile Strategy for Outlet Malls is Outdated

Megan McDonald

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41% vs. 9%http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine/2014/12/the-inside-dope-about-outlet-malls/index.htm

Consumer Spend at Outlet Centers

Consumer Spend at New Malls

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Fashion Outlets of Chicago

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Outlet Centers

Traditional Mall

Digital and E-commerce

The New Retail Landscape

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• Established 1981 by Stanley K Tanger• 47 Outlet Malls in 24 States and Canada• Second largest Outlet Center Developer• $427,000,000 in Revenue


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• Fashion forward blog with latest seasonal trends

• Similar content to splash page• Separate redirected site • Interactive images of fashion

products showing the brand of the product

Take-Aways• Integrate interactive and

shoppable images into the digital experience

• Create a more cohesive connection between the blog and splash page

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• Digital Coupon book for easy reference

• Favorited location for easy to find contact information and directories

• Car locater• Heavily dependent

on Wifi• Style Share: A

missed opportunity to engage consumers

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• Opportunity for retail environments to incorporate digital and mobile into the experience

• Must add value to the retail experience

• Ipad station not being used often

• Limited in features and value-added experience

• Each social platform required log in to interact with the brand

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Mobile and physical environments must not be mutually exclusive

Mobile for the sake of mobile is a waste of money


• Integrate the Fashion Blog into a shoppable splash page• Increase WiFi beacons within Outlet Centers• Learn how consumers shop the center to provide

relevant content on tablets• Use mobile app to leverage more targeted content• Create a social sharing space that give consumers

immediate gratification

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