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Artigo Cargo Janeiro 2011

Tanger Med project

The Tangier Med project is a strategic priority for economic and social development of northern Morocco and is part of economic policy guidance for exports from that country, based on identified export sectors, with particular emphasis on free trade agreement with the European Union. This project is having important effects on economic and employment terms. Its particular position on the Strait of Gibraltar at the crossroads of two major sea routes and 15 km of the European Union, allows you to serve a market of hundreds of millions of consumers through various regular services linking Tangier Med shipowners to more than fifty ports in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. The Tanger Med complex has a twofold mission. Being a transhipment platform dedicated to international and regional movements of containers and be a port of import and export in order to improve the competitiveness of the region. The installation in the industrial zones and duty -free logistics Tanger Med complex gives operators the exceptional benefits that are competitive with their enhanced with: A favorable customs regulations, with the unlimited exemption from customs duty; Simplified customs procedures; Exemption from license fee for 15 years; Tax Exemption city for 15 years; The unlimited exemption from VAT and corporation tax: 0% during the first five years, 8.75% in the next 20 years; Hand-educated workforce, abundant and cheap.

http://emahamburg.org/media/download_gallery/medhub/A%20world%20class%20platform%20for%20i ndustry%20and%20logistics.pdf The 90 million euro investment in petroleum products terminals are designed to ensure a stable supply of petroleum products to vessels calling at the port of Tanger Med and constitute the entry of diesel and petrol for the Moroccan market. Much more than a port Tanger Med is logistics platform which is available for bookings of 12,500 hectares covered areas adjacent to areas deintermodais connection to the network of railways and motorways. Capacities: 8 million containers; 7 million passengers; 10 million tons of hydrocarbons; 2 million vehicles; 700,000 trucks.

All container terminals are leased to professionals: Terminal concession to an APM Terminals since July 2007 - Top 3 global APM Terminals; Terminal 2 granted Eurogate-Contship / MSC / CMA-CGM, since August 2008; Terminal 4 MarsaMaroc granted from 2014;

Terminator 3: will be granted in accordance with demand.

The existing container terminal at Tangier Med are 1600m of quays for ships with drafts of 16 and 18m and vast mounds (80 ha). The terminals can receive up to four large vessels and are equipped with 50 gantry park with wheels (RTG) and 16 walk -berth, with yields of 25-30 movements per hour. Terminals forecast in Tangier Med II will further 2.8 km of quay, with more than 24 walk-berth plus about 150 ha of embankment, with capacity for over 5.2 million TEUs.

Roro The terminal has a capacity that allows processing of one million vehicles per year, in an area of 20 hectares equipped with two berths for vessels of 240 meters in length: 13 hectares leased to Renault and 7 acres of common usage. The terminal dedicated to the processing and storage of refined products has a storage capacity of 512 cubic meters and the wharf has capacity for an annual traffic of 5 million tons. Equipped with 9 berths, the ferry terminal is designed to move approximately 700 000 trucks and 7 million passengers. The bulk terminal and Miscellaneous will be used for the movement of traffic export of various goods, mainly related to industrial companies installed along the harbor.

It is relevant to the concept of integration between the platform and the port industry platform for joint economic pole while seeking its overall competitiveness of the complex.

Tanger Med Logistics Free Zone - Medhub:

250 acres, with potential for expansion;

Over 500 million of investments in the development of phase 1;

10,000 jobs in the first stage;

70 million euros for the construction of warehouses (100,000 m);

Clients: Makita (Japan), Geodis (France);

Warehouses (CEH Class A) 300 to 10,000 m, with possible expansion to 40,000 m (rental period: 1, 5 or 10 years);

Available parcels of 10,000 square meters for a rental period of 20 years.


The industrial free zone of Tanger Med complex is a modern industrial park, operated in accordance with the principle of the single desk, connected to the Tanger Med port: export-oriented industrial zone of the automotive, aerospace, textiles and garments, agrofood; 400 companies; 40,000 jobs created; Components Cars: Yazaki, Sumitomo, Lear, Fujikura, Delphi, Polytech, CIE Automotive, Treves, Antolin; Aerospace Souriau, Daher, Dion, ElectronicsEmdep, Tronic, Premo. The Tanger City Automotive is an area dedicated to the automotive business, with a platform attached to the factory Renault in the ideal environment for automotive component suppliers, with access to the Spanish market and factories with more than 3 million cars in less than 24 hours. The Tetouan Shore area dedicated to offshore activities, has: 28 hectares; 120 000 M of offices and services; 120 million investment; 12,000 jobs created.

TangerMed is a strong value proposition for the investor:

The prime location; A world-class hub, with full connectivity between the international and regional flows; Human resources specialist and very competitive, and institutions of education and training in the region of very high level; The free trade agreements: EU, U.S., Arab countries and Turkey; Conditions customs very attractive; Port costs and securing 20% lower than Spain.

Tanger Med is not just a global maritime project, but is the true dream of all importers and exporters in North Africa. The geographical position, the conditions creat and ongoing ed investments will enable the success of globalization strategy in Morocco.

Finally it should be noted that the movement of containers in the port was 921 thousand TEU in 2008, 1,222 thousand TEU in 2009 and an estimated 40% to 50% increase in 2010, and around 2 million TEUs (according with data from the 1st trmestre's 2010 TMSA).

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