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  • Across All Mobile Networks

    Most Secure (Zero Fraud)

    No I.D. Required

    With or Without a mobile phone

    How Tangaza Pesa Works

    Welcome to Tangaza Pesa

    1: Send Money2: Buy Airtime3: Pay Bills4: My Account5: Help

    Key Advantages

    Largest Mobile Money


    2n d

  • Customer Registration by Agent& Functionality

    100% Paperless from anywhere in the country / world

    1. Device Takes color Photos2. Device takes 2 Finger Prints3. Device Captures I.D. Details from

    Government Database4. Person enters Secret 4 digit PIN5. Fast process Takes 2 minutes to Register.


    Biometric Customer Registration at Agent:

  • Phone Activation & Mobile Phone Services

    Welcome to Tangaza Pesa

    1: Send Money2: Buy Airtime3: Pay Bills

    4: My Account5: Help


    Tangaza Pesa services becomes available on your mobile phone and you can sendmoney from any mobile network to anymobile network or to ANY I.D. cardwhether it is registered or not.

    To Activate your Phone after registrationwith a Tangaza simply dial *321*900# and press call from any mobile network.

  • Cash Deposits, Withdrawals & Shopping


    Biometric Shopping,Mobile Phone ShoppingPrepaid Card Shopping:

    1: No need to carry documents.2: Merchants don't move lots of Money between towns.

    Person to Person money Transfer by mobile phone

    1: send money by mobile phone

    Biometric Cash Deposit & Cash Withdrawal at Agent

    1: No need to carry documents For cash deposit and withdrawals Function: JUST THE THUMB!

    Welcome to Tangaza Pesa

    1: Send Money2: Buy Airtime3: Pay Bills4: My Account5: Help

    ATM Card - works on all Bank ATMsfor 24 hour cash access

  • Solutions for Businesses*321*333222#

    1- Utility Payments Electricity, Water.

    2- Bill Payments (Business Numbers)

    3- Mass Market Savings Card

    3- SACCO Applications

    4- Microfinance Applications

    5- Stock Trading

    6- Pay to Many

    7- Products Distributions Solution

    8- Verified I.D. Solutions (Approved Institutions.

    9- Membership / Customer Registration Solutions

    10- Hospital Verification solutions

    11- SMS Solutions

    12- Financial / Accounting Applications

    Welcome toCompany1: Register2: Cancel

    Universal Health Access: Everyone can Comprehensive medical cover from 1.8 USD(Kes 150/-) per month

    Public registers & gets Services from Government & largecorporates by usinga simple mobile Phone from any Location in Kenya.

    Government or corpDoes not need physical presence to offer services likemedical cover, loanssavings & bill payments

    Government Treasury billsSavings for the PUBLICEveryone can save with theGovernment and get goodInterest on savings from100 Kshs at any time from amobile phone.

    ATM Card forLarge amounts& odd hoursCash access

    Corporate internetaccess portalFor Reports

  • Regional Office

    Tangaza HQ




    agentagent agent7250agents



    10Regional offices







  • Licenses and Interconnected Institutions

    -Connected to all Mobile Networks-Clients do not have

    change networks or be forced to move to a particular one.

    -Licensed to collect money byCBK.

    -Licensed by CCK

    -Registrar with Kenic -security

    -Licensed by CMA

    -Connected to Several Commercial Banks.

  • Directors, Trustees, CBK Governor DuringLaunch of Tangaza at Sankara Hotel

    Left to Right: Gabriel Karanja (Trustee), Anthony Mwangi (Trustee), Prof. Njuguna Ndungu (Gov. CBK), Medad Githaiga (Trustee), Jonathan Savage (Director), Oscar Ikinu (C.E.O., Director), G.G. Wambugu, (Director), Gichane Muraguri (Director, Diapora Representative)

  • Tel:+254-722-666 999+254-737-999 888+254-20 -600 7535





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    http://www.tangazapesa.com Contacts

    Largest Mobile Money


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