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http://centurionexec.com/ With its prestigious location, elegant layout, white glove services and sophisticated amenities, Centurion Center Tower is redefining business in Tampa. Centurion has helped revolutionize Tampa executive suites industry by innovative solutions and genuine relationships for our clients.


<ul><li> 1. Centurion Center Tower 400 N. Ashley DriveSuite 2600 Tampa, FL 33602 Phone: 813.712.8700reservations@centurionexec.comhttp://centurionexec.com/</li></ul><p> 2. WELCOME TOCENTURION CENTER TOWERWith its prestigious location, elegant layout, white glove services andsophisticated amenities, Centurion Center Tower is redefining business inTampa. Centurion has helped revolutionize Tampa executive suitesindustry by innovative solutions and genuine relationships for our clients.After years of being an executive suites services provider, we havenoticed our competitors creating hidden costs, rigid contract terms andpoor customer service. We decided to offer an alternative in the marketwith a new way of working. Doing business now comes with all the finestbenefits and rich style that reflects your dedication to success. Take yourplace among the elite. 3. EXECUTIVE SUITES IN DOWNTOWN TAMPACurrently the fastest growing premium Executive Suites in Tampa, Centurion is setting anew direction in the industry through superior customer service, a collaborative andtransparent approach, and first class infrastructure.With access to state of the art infrastructure and high quality business center in a primelocation, Centurion can help companies of any size operate on a large scale withoutthe upfront costs and investments required to do it alone.We believe that we have invested in the best so you dont have to. We are able tooffer custom solutions for larger clients from our corporate division as well asaccommodate the needs of smaller or start-up businesses.Your Suite should reflect sophistication &amp; the quality your clients have come to expect.Included in every suite: Just blocks from the Hillsborough County &amp; Federal courthouses; Easy access to the I-275, I-4 and minutes from Tampa International Airport (TIA); Your clients will be pleasantly greeted and attended to by professional administrative staff; Lobby area with welcoming staff, quiet, &amp; in a very professional atmosphere; Live answering at the Concierge desks; Corporate telephones with commercial lines &amp; digital voicemail accessible Worldwide; Your own phone number which will be identified by Caller ID to callers with your Company Name; 4. High Speed Internet Connections with redundancy; Suites are furnished, surrounding you with rich, comfortable style &amp; elegance; Conference Room &amp; Board Room; PARKING GARAGE; Access to copiers &amp; faxes; Mail, UPS, and FedEx receipt &amp; distribution; Fully equipped Clients Lounge with refrigerator and microwave; Air conditioning, lights, secured access &amp; utilities included; Daily janitorial services and all utilities are included;Great restaurants and attractions. VIRTUAL OFFICES IN DOWNTOWN TAMPAVirtual Office solutions are ideal if you are looking to set up a company, or areworking from home but need a professional front office at a prestigious address. Youcan rest assured that you will never miss a call with all of your phone callsprofessionally answered by our centre team.Virtual Business Address:With a prestigious business address without an office, a virtual package is a greatsolution for a new business. You can use your virtual address as your registeredbusiness address on paperwork, on your business cards and website. Use of our centreaddress as your business address, incoming mail handling, mail forwarding andstorage services. 5. Telephone Answering Services:As part of the Virtual Office you will be allocated dedicated business lines. You arefree to tailor how our team answers and processes your calls in different situations. We can forward you the call, and send the caller to voicemail. Also, you can utilizeour local fax number as well.Conference Room Services:Centurion will provide you with the access to the ultimate professional environment toenhance your corporate image. State of the art facilities including a professionalwelcome from reception team, boardroom level fit out, conference phones, internetconnection, video conferencing, whiteboards, LCDs available as well.MEETING SPACES IN DOWNTOWN TAMPAConference Rooms:Centurion will provide you with the ultimate professional environment to enhance yourcorporate image. State of the art facilities including a professional welcome fromreception team, boardroom level build out, conference phones, internet connection,video conferencing, whiteboards, and LCDs are available as well.Further services are available including catering options and we are always happy tocustomize a solution that fits your requirements. If you would like to book one of ourconference rooms, please contact reservations@centurionexec.com for additionalinformation, or contact us to reserve. 6. Seminar Points:Need a conveniently located space to hold a seminar or conference for a largeraudience? Centurion has facilities to configure into a theatre, classroom or u-shapedvenue for your event.Ideal for business events, internal training, networking or corporate hospitality, both ofour venues are conveniently located in the heart of the business district downtownTampa with a full range of business centre facilities and event options.In addition to a world-class venue, facilities can include audio and video equipment,catering, internet connections, a fully staffed reception as well as access to break outareas including a pantry and access to meeting rooms, concierge and secretarialservices.ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICESStart Your Business:Starting a new business or looking to outsource your back-office? The first thing youllneed is a Virtual Office Address and then Centurion can assist with the rest of yourcompany set up and growth with our suite of business services.Company Formation:Incorporating a business in Florida can be a complex and time consuming task, but withCenturion you can outsource the entire company formation and company registration 7. process to our dedicated in-house legal and company formation team. Our initialincorporation kit includes everything you need to get started including: Opening corporate bank accounts; Company name search; Company registration including your articles and your company seal.Immigration &amp; Visa Process:Need help acquiring a visa to the US? Navigating the often cumbersome applicationprocess for visas is not only time consuming but frustrating. With a legal teamdedicated to Visa applications, we can help you process your Visa application quicklyand without any hassle.Bookkeeping &amp; Accounting:Centurion can assist your company to prepare for the accounting tasks required forbusinesses. We can also provide bookkeeping services and manage accounts so thatyou are completely up to date on the financial status of your company.Concierge Services:Centurions concierge service is here to help you with your day to day tedious tasks sothat you can concentrate on growing your business. Book dinner at a restaurant, haveyour travel plans arranged and much more. At the touch of a button, a CenturionConcierge Representative will be at your service and offer you the best solution toyour request.Secretarial Services:We offer the cost effective option of only paying for the services you need. Secretarial support includes services such as courier services, data entry and evenphotocopy and printing services.IT Support:Centurion is proud to offer our clients the best in IT support and customized IT solutions.Centurions experienced consultants will evaluate your current system and recommenda solution for your business with the aim of improving service levels, minimizing cost andincreasing efficiency. Network assessment; Cloud solutions; Document management; IT Security. 8. CAF &amp; SHOPSCenturion is located on the 26th floor at 400 N. Ashley Drive at the heart of thebusiness district downtown Tampa.Surrounding you with great selection of restaurants, parks, museums and events forall kinds of venues. Some of these as a must visit places: 5 Star Restaurant, Malios Prime Steakhouse: www.maliosprime.com Museum: Florida Museum of Photographic Arts: www.fmopa.org Coffee Shop: Kahwa: www.kahwacoffee.com Dry Cleaning Service, Full car wash &amp; detail servicesNear Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, Riverwalk, and much, much more. Centurion willprovide you with white glove services &amp; sophisticated amenities. Centurion CenterTower is redefining business in Tampa.Please contact me today to schedule a tour and see for yourself this greatarrangement for your business. 9. Executive Suites: Practical Way to Start a BusinessStarting up a new business? Why not have it in an area like in execute suites where it is practical? Manyentrepreneurs choose this to economize so as to save for more important things. The office space ischeaper in cost in terms of location. Although some may say that having something that is affordablecan be risky and may cost you more in the end. This can be because of problems about the buildingfacilities, inefficient internet and telephone connections, security, accessibility to the area and a lotmore. However, not all who avail of affordable things will have a low quality product or service.If money is your concern, you can still have a good office space at a lower cost. With patience, you willfind something that is accessible and the environment is ideal for professionals who will transactbusiness with you. An executive suite will be the best solution that you can have. It has more than oneoffice which is good if you need more for your staff. Practical businessmen choose to have this kind ofsuit because of what it can provide. There is no need for you to purchase or build furnishings for yourcomfort. It comes with its own amenities which are worth the amount that you pay each month. Asidefrom the furnishings, it also has added services for its tenants. Here are some of those:ACCESSIBLE ADDRESSThis is convenient for your clients. They dont have to drive around and look for you when you arealready in a convenient location which they could go to anytime they may want.CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVEThere will be clients, guests, business associates who will come to the office. A receptionist is tasked toassist them. They are considered as the representative of the company. They will answer calls, emails,complaints, and inquiries.MAIL SERVICEEven if the technology has improved, e-mails, faxes and traditional mails are still done in the businessindustry. If you have your own executive suite, it is part of your rent to avail of the mail service whichcomes with sorting of mails, delivery or shipment, and receiving of letters and packages.PHONE SERVICESThis is essential for any businesses that wish to be contacted easily by their clienteles. 10. INTERNET SERVICEMore tasks are done with the use of internet and this is important as a way of communicating withother associates and would-be clients. In just a few clicks, almost every possible information will be feedto you.Prior to making the deal, verify the services that are included in your rent. Make sure that youunderstand the terms and conditions of the contract to prevent problems later on. Having your owncost- effective office space will give a good start to your endeavor.Getting the Best Location Thanks To Executive SuitesFinding the perfect location for your office can be an overwhelming and time consuming endeavorespecially if you still need to construct everything from scratch. In addition to that, you also need topurchase the furniture and have a phone line and internet connection installed. These can take up mostof your time and you definitely want to make the most of the time you have in order to promote yourgoods and services. Moreover, this whole process usually costs a lot of money which explains why thereare a lot of businessmen that do not have the pleasure of building their own workplace. Luckily, you canrent out executive suites.This is a better option for a lot of men and women because they dont need to spend a lot of money forit. In addition to that, these are usually located in places where a lot of people frequent to which isanother reason why you need to opt for this alternative. You dont have to waste your time with regardto finding a good location since these are already built on good locations.A lot of people would often turn to this alternative because these are a great time-saver. You dont haveto come up with a design, look for building materials, and find furniture for it. These are already fullyfurnished and come with a phone line and internet connection. In addition to that, these also have aconference room for you to make use of in the event that you have important meetings with youremployees or other businessmen. Another bright side to it is that you will also have your own parkingspace in the event that they have one in the area.New company owners also rely on this simply because it is an advantage for them. They dont need tospend a great amount of cash due to the fact that they dont have to construct it from scratch. You justhave to find the perfect office to move into and you can immediately start working. The need to wait forthe paint to dry and to fix the furniture has been eliminated because everything has been preparedahead of time. It is also possible to have your office space personalized to your liking when you talk toyour land lord ahead of time. Make sure that you obtain the best space available by researching wellahead of time and by making inquiries as well. You can find a lot of these being advertised in thenewspapers, local phone directory, and the internet which is why you wont have any difficultieslocating one that will match your requirements. 11. Modern Executive Suites Are Ideal For BusinessesAre you looking for an office to conduct your business transactions? Well, there are manyestablishments that are available for rental services anywhere in the metropolitan areas. However,when you search for a perfect venue for your enterprise, you must consider the ones that are wellsituated which it accessible to many consumers. Moreover, you should also take into consideration themodern executive suites because these are ideal for todays undertakings.Getting an office space requires knowledge and expertise of a trustworthy business consultant. Locationis one of the crucial factors that affect the sales and profits of a certain enterprise. If your company islocated in a public area or in an urban zone, then there is a big possibility that it will generate bigrevenues since there are numerous potential customers found in that area. Before you decide to put upa business in a particular place, you must analyze if it is the kind of environment where you, your staff,and clients want to do business with.Looking for a spacious and welcoming office space is necessary so that you can do your transactions andother relevant tasks in a fast and convenient manner. Make sure you lease a property which perfect forcommercial projects. Search for a company leased space wherein there is a parking lot, accessible,...</p>