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My presentation from IVA's Royal Technology Forum


  • 1. Tame your internet superpowers! Per Axbom

2. Daddy, daddy! Youknow what!? A bird ew into a window at pre-school today. How long is thewoodcocks beak daddy? 3. Honey, why dont you call whenyou get home!? Youreembarassing. 4. Picture yourselves... 5. 1000s listen to me every day. My own support organisation in China. I program the VCR when Im on the bus. I can see where my friends and family are on a map, right now. Free, instant dialogue with politicians. I can answer any question in minutes. My own magazine with free, global distribution. Can walk down the street and see through walls. Every week I Watch TV with strangers. I loan 25 dollars to strangers in Liberia. 6. This is my everyday life. 7. 21 Watching TV with strangers 8. People steal from me all thetime. 9. Sometimes Ifeel like I have superpowers. 10. But there is a gap. 11. Between people with... 12. ...and withoutsuperpowers. 13. superpowersskeptics 14. The Americans have need of the telephone, but we do not. We have plentyof messenger boys. Sir William Preece, Chief Engineer, British Post Office, 1878. 15. The horse is here to stay but theautomobile is only a novelty a fad. The president of the Michigan Savings Bank advising Henry Fords lawyer, Horace Rackham, not to invest in the FordMotor Co., 1903 16. The cinema is littlemore than a fad. Itscanned drama. What audiences really want to see is flesh andblood on the stage. Charlie Chaplin, actor, producer, director, and studio founder, 1916 17. The wireless music box has no imaginable commercial value. Who would pay for amessage sent to no one in particular? Associates of David Sarnoff responding to thelatters call for investment in the radio in 1921. 18. Television wont last. Its a flash in the pan. Mary Somerville, pioneer of radio educational broadcasts, 1948. [TV] wont be able to hold on to any market it captures after the first six months. People will soonget tired of staring at a plywood box every night. Darryl Zanuck, movie producer, 20th Century Fox, 1946. 19. Skeptics have the wrong outset 20. Its not about what technology can do for humans... 21. Its about whathumans can do with technology... 22. sup m8? m 1ndering ifyer cming2moro. cul8r k? 23. Sugata Mitra 24. hole-in-the-wall 25. one laptop per child 26. These childrenwill know asmuch as youand me... 27. ...and more. 28. Name three leading politicians inChina?In India?In Pakistan? In Zimbabwe? 29. Can technology replaceteachers? 30. Hasnt it already? 31. What does it allmean for companies? 32. A very happy customer tells 3 other people. An unhappy customer tells12 other people. A very unhappy customer tells20 other people. Sources:: TARP, Bain & Co., ECSW (from the book Customer Genius by Peter Fiske) 33. David Carroll and his band Sons of Maxwell "I should have flown with someone else, or gone bycar, 'cause United breaks guitars." 34. 150 000 views in 1 day 5 million in 2 months 9 million in 1 year Speaker incomes... 35. 400 million copies sold in over 65 languagesTime to release Chinese translation on the Chinese market: 6 monthsTime to release unofficial Chinese translation to the world: 1 week 36. Companies areconfusing enthusiastic, engaged humans with acts ofcrime. 37. How is thispossible? 38. D 39. D 40. D 41. D 42. D 43. TIME PLACE 44. TIME PLACE 45. I want the web version of this! Or do youthink theres as an app? 46. I need to transfer money. 47. Mikemusa 48. Ory Okolloh 49. The campaigns officialstuff they created forYouTube was watched for 14.5 million hours, Mr.Trippi said. To buy 14.5900million hours onyearsbroadcast TV is $47 million. 50. Donations to Obamas campaign ofine online156Average donation was 500 80 dollars.Most people donatedmore than once. 51. What is there tobe afraid of? 52. and beware of... 53. Old schoolNo picturesNo animationsNo videoNo networks 54. New school? 55. So cool! 56. If you wish to steal from me you can start with thispresentation. Find it here:axbom.se/superpowers Just remember to share with other thieves. Sooner or later we will all learn something.copyleft - all rights reversed