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  • 1.Talk About Business Lesson 1 Strategy The CEO spent his first months in the job talking to managers in the company and formulating his strategy document. The day came for him to make his presentation to the directors. They were pleased to hear him say that in future the company would focus on long-term growth, and that he was setting new goals in all areas of the business. To sum up, he said, this companys strategy is 15% growth over the next ten years. He sat down, looking pleased with himself, and asked for questions. Yes, said one of the directors, youve just told us what the companys goal should be, but what we asked you for was a strategy!the CEO = the Chief Executive Officer, dyrektor naczelny job - praca, stanowisko company - firma, przedsibiorstwo to formulate- formuowa, opracowa strategy document - dokument przedstawiajcy strategi/plan dziaania to make a presentation- zrobi prezentacj to focus- koncentrowa si long-term growth- wzrost dugoterminowy to set a goal - wyznaczy cel area- dziedzina to sum up - podsumowa to look pleased with oneself- by z siebie zadowolonymobjanienia:you do or make or give a presentation uzupenij zdania:1. He (showed, made, said) a presentation on the companys new strategy.2. In the presentation he also (put, fixed, set) new goals in all areas of the business.3. He said that in future the company would focus on long-term (growth, grow, growing) 1

2. odpowiedzi: 1. made 2. set 3. growthLesson 2 A goal and a strategy ANURAG I feel it is a destination and not a path. This is the objective whichthe company needs to achieve. And not how it will be achieved. ANDREW So, its not actually focusing on a strategy. Its a direction for thecompanies to go in. Where do you stand on this one, Meri? MERII totally agree, 15% is a goal and goals are measures ofachievement. A strategy is something else. Its a way to bridgecertain goals, but its not just a measure. ANDREW It seems to be a very sort of vague idea of what hes expectingfrom the company.FRED Strategy is a structured way of thinking about what youre doingas an organisation and its really got two elements: where do wewant to be in the future and how do we get there? So I wouldsay its really both a destination and a goal and also the journeyor the map of how to get to that destination.goal - cel, zaoenie strategy - strategia destination- punkt docelowy, cel podry path - droga objective- cel, zaoenie to achieve - osiga to focus - koncentrowa si (na czym) direction- kierunek measure- tu: miara achievement- osignicie way- droga, sposb to bridge- przerzuci most, wypeni luk, usunprzepa vague- mtny, mglisty, mao precyzyjnyobjanienia:2 3. a direction for the company to go in - kierunek, w jakim powinna pj firma where do you stand on that? co o tym sdzisz? jak masz w tej sprawie opini?uzupenij zdania:1. You (gain, attain, achieve) objectives.2. What do you think about it? Where do you (sit, stand, lie) on that?3. A strategy is about (how, what, why) we achieve our goals.odpowiedzi: 1. achieve 2. stand 3. how Lesson 3 Market research The marketing director for a snack company had a gut feeling that theidea for a new flavour salty snack was a winner. She commissionedsome market research: consumer tests and focus groups. When theresults of the research came back she was surprised. Consumer testsshowed the public didnt like the product much and focus groups gavethe idea a 65% disapproval rating. But the marketing director was sureher feeling was right.I want to remind you all what Henry Ford said about the motor car. Hesaid, If Id listened to my customers Id have given them a fasterhorse.What exactly are you saying? the sales manager asked.We should launch the product anyway, answered the marketingdirector. market research- badania rynku the marketing director - dyrektor dziau marketingu snack- przekska, zakska gut feeling- uczucie instynktowne, intuicyjne (dos: pyncez bebechw) flavour- smak salty- sony a winner - tu: sukces to commission- zamwi, zleci consumer tests - badania opinii klientw focus group- grupa dyskusyjna disapproval rating - stopie dezaprobaty to remind- przypomina 3 4. motor car - samochd horse - ko to launch a product - wprowadzi/wypuci produkt na rynekobjanienia: the idea was a winner pomys okaza si wielkim sukcesemuzupenij zdania:1. I am sure that our new product will be a (victor, champion, winner).2. How do I know? My (gut, bowel, insider) feeling tells me so.3. But maybe we should (commit, commission, contract) some market research too.odpowiedzi: 1. winner 2. gut 3. commission Lesson 4 Market researchANDREW Do you believe that products should only ever be launched if marketresearch shows that they are likely to be successful? Anybody anyideas? OXANAYes, I would agree with your statement because if a company goeswith the intuition of the marketing director, its going to be introducingthe product that marketing director finds correct but not what thecustomer wants and since the whole point of market research isfinding out the opinion of the customers then in this case its veryobvious that the product shouldnt be taken ahead.ANDREWWould you agree with that Meri? MERI Well, thats right but in some cases market research is not so appropriate for new products. In this case its very likely that the product might be a success when they launch it into the market because new products are difficult to understand for customers. As an example, Xerox wanted to launch their new copying machines many years ago and they commissioned a market research study and they come back with only 8,000 machines sold. They still launched because they believed in the idea and the product sold 80,000 machines. The reason was that customers could not know how they would react to a product that they dont know. to launch a product- wprowadzi/wypuci produkt na rynek 4 5. market research - badania rynku successful- odnoszcy sukcesy statement - stwierdzenie to introduce- wprowadzi customer- klient to take ahead - pj z czym dalej; tu: wprowadzi produkt na rynek appropriate - odpowiedni copying machines- fotokopiarki (skrt od: photocopying machines) to commission - zleci, zamwiuzupenij zdania:1. When you introduce a new product on the market, you (lunch, launch, lift) it.2. In some cases market research is not appropriate (on, at, for) new products.3. Sometimes customers dont know how they might react (to, for, at) a new product.odpowiedzi: 1. launch 2. for 3. to Lesson 5 Innovation Milo was the boss of a medium-sized toy manufacturer. He had alot of management qualifications and hed read all the latestbusiness books. From these he knew that companies like his hadto innovate or die. So, every Tuesday afternoon, he called his toppeople together for a brainstorm session. He was rarely satisfiedwith the ideas they had. In despair, he assigned two executivesto a months blue sky thinking. Still he wasnt happy with theresults.Whats wrong with you all? Milo asked. Why is it so difficult tocome up with winning ideas?Sorry Milo, said one of the blue-sky thinkers. But how do weknow whats a good idea and what isnt? How do we know howyou judge those ideas ?innovation - innowacje boss - dyrektor, kierownik, zwierzchnik, szef medium-sized - rednich rozmiarw toy manufacturer - firma produkujca zabawki management qualifications- kwalifikacje menederskie 5 6. to innovate - wprowadza innowacje to die- umrze top people- tu: najlepsi, najzdolniejsi pracownicy; czonkowie kadry kierowniczej brainstorm- burza mzgw to be satisfied - by zadowolonym, usatysfakcjonowanym idea- pomys, idea in despair- w rozpaczy, desperacji to assign - przydzieli, wyznaczy, przypisa executive - dyrektor, czonek kadry kierowniczej blue sky thinking - mylenie kreatywne, swobodne, niczym nieskrpowane to come up with an idea - wyj z pomysem winning idea- znakomity pomys (ktry okazuje si wielkim sukcesem) to judge- ocenia, osdza uzupenij zdania:1. A meeting where people get together with the intention of thinking up new ideas is called a (mind, brain, thought) storm session.2. (Purple, orange, blue) sky thinking means that you think freely, creatively and without limits.3. An idea which is a success or has the potential of being a success is a (wishing, winning, striving) idea.odpowiedzi: 1. brain 2. blue 3. winning Lesson 6 Innovation 6 7. OXANAWell, l it looks like the area that the idea should fall under is noteven defined to start with, so theyre basically put there to comeup with something. Nobody knows what. ANDREW So its like an open canvas. HELENAnd in my opinion they only call the top people in for brainstormsessions. Thats not enough for organisational innovation. If youwant to do product or service innovation, the people who are inthe frontier know better what the market trend is. So if they wantto create an atmosphere for innovation, they should implementsome organisational efforts rather than only some of the toppeople. MERI Yes, thats a very interesting point. Many organisations thinkabout themselves as very innovative companies but in realitythey dont really encourage employees to be innovative inproduct development or in many other areas. I think the wholecompany should be encouraged to think in an innovative way. area - obszar, dziedzina to fall under- tu: podlega, nalee do to define- okrela to start with- tu: po pierwsze to come up with sth- wyj z czym (np. pomysem) open canvas- czyste ptno (na ktrym nic jeszcze nienamalowano) top people - tu: kadra kierownicza brainstorm - burza mzgw frontier - granica, tu: pierwsza linia market trend - trend rynkowy to implement - wciela w ycie, realizowa effort - wysiek innovative - nowatorski, innowacyjny development- rozwj to encourage - zachcauzupenij zdania:1. When a group of people discuss a problem together in order to solve it and create good ideas, they have a (brainwave, brainstorm, brainwash) session.2. We dont know which category this idea should fall (over, under, above).3. The people who run the company are somet