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Today everybody is keen to have nice skin and fair complexions. Enhance your beauty through natural skin care products & tips from skin care San Diego. To know more visit: http://www.beautykliniek.com/skincare-products.htm


<ul><li>1.TIPS FOR ALL SKIN TYPES FROM SKIN CARE IN SAN DIEGO -By BeautyKliniek- </li></ul> <p>2. www.beautykliniek.com Usually, we struggle with a variety of skin imperfections (acne, rashes, swelling, etc)-the result of some processes in the body-but very often they did not even try to understand why such a State and solve the problem, and that is exactly what is the fundamental condition for achieving positive result. 3. www.beautykliniek.com We do not know that acne and acne may appear due to excessive consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates and fat, or due to the lack of fiber in the diet and that different diets (based on complete elimination of carbs or fats) can contribute to the emergence of a large number of wrinkles. 4. www.beautykliniek.com There are four main types of Skin: Normal, Dry, Oily and Combination, and a Subtype-Sensitive skin. Care for normal skin. Try not to over dry it. Morning wash your face with boiled water at room temperature, maintaining elasticity helps contrast striping and washing with hot and cold water. Tips From Skin Care San Diego: 5. www.beautykliniek.com For normal skin care, Wash face with high quality soap. Use bold or moisturizing day cream-that strengthen and nourish the skin. For normal skins are useful for regular cleaning with scrub and steam baths, packs of herbal teas, facial massage face. 6. www.beautykliniek.com Our advice for the care of dry skin. It is recommended to wash only evening. The fact that secreted during the night the fat accumulates on the surface skin, degreasing and washing morning the skin, making it more sensitive cold, wind, etc. Dry skin do not tolerate the washing with water, so clean with a composition of honey, Glycerin, Eau de Cologne, borax and a little water. 7. www.beautykliniek.com For dry skin, use scrub to remove dead skin cells. Periodically, you toning mask Sebaceous to enable the gland to release natural skin lubricant. Decorative products dry skin care cosmetics, namely Foundation, must contain fats additives which may result in a uniform manner. Mandatory use moisturizer Vitamin E. At bedtime to purify the skin, we can use vegetable oil or nutrients cream. 8. www.beautykliniek.com Oily skin requires careful maintenance. Perfect way to clean-wash with soap and cream. Cleansing or tonic lotion must be chosen with care. Marigold very beneficial for oily skin and has an antiseptic effect. Clean your skin should not only at night but in the morning. Oily skin peeling peeling required 1-2 times a week. Face mask should ideally be applied after peeling. 9. www.beautykliniek.com Sensitive Skin: Sensitive skin is delicate, thin, brittle and often reactive. Skin sensitivity concerns almost 60% of women and 40% men. Limit face washing to twice a day. Use only one or two gentle cleansers and moisturizers (plus a sunscreen) from skin care San Diego. Be gentle when washing your face, scrubbing hard is only going to irritate your skin. Use a soft washcloth and use a new washcloth every day. Dry your skin completely before putting on any skin care products. 10. Phone: (858) 457-0191 Fax: (858) 457-0378 Email: Info@beautykliniek.com Address: 3282 Governor Drive, San Diego, CA, 92122 Website: http://beautykliniek.com 11. THANK YOU </p>