[TAKE 2] 12 Reasons To Tell A Story To Promote Your Business

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Stories (or Storytelling) is how we learned as children and that remains true as adults. If you want to better connect with your potential clients, build a strong relation and set the stage to sell more of your books, products or services - you MUST Tell Your Story! Don't be afraid to open up, this connection you'll build for your clients is priceless. Storytelling will INCREASE your sales!


<p>YOUR INSPIRING TITLE</p> <p>Krizia Miss K12 ReasonsTo Tell A Story!Storytelling Attracts New Clients</p> <p>We All Love Stories!PartPartPartONETWOTHREE123Why Arent More Businesses Leveraging Storytelling?1StoriesThey Forget ThatEngage People!</p> <p>Storytelling Communicates Events &amp; Ideas! People Relate And Engage Through Narrative! </p> <p>Storytelling Can Help Your Business Grow When Its Well Done! </p> <p>12 Reasons To Tell A Story2PartTWO</p> <p>Lets Rock This!1. Build Brand Loyalty 2. Clients Will Like You More!3. Shows Youre Relevant</p> <p>4. Tell Them Were Just Like You!5. Its How Children Learn And That Still Remains The Way Most Adults Want To Learn. 6. Innately, We Understand The World We Live In Via Stories! </p> <p>Lets Look At 6 More!7. Allow Clients To Connect W/ Your Brand!8. Tell Your Story On Social Media9. Give Clients A Chance To Embrace You!</p> <p>10. Stand Out In Your Clients Mind. 11. Show Different Sides Of Your Brand!12. Show Your Softer Side!</p> <p>14</p> <p>Dont Be Scared!PartTHREE3</p> <p>NewsShare Good &amp; Connect!</p> <p>ChallengesShare&amp; Connect Even More!</p> <p>Use The Good &amp; Bad To Connect!Grab Your Free Report!Krizia Miss Kwww.missKrizia.com</p> <p>Brought to you byKrizia, aka Author Maker!</p> <p>Featured in: </p> <p>Twitter: @FabKriziaFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/KriziaMissKOther Social Media connections: http://about.me/misskrizia </p> <p>Website: http://www.BookMarketingHub.com </p> <p>More about Krizia:http://www.missKrizia.com Contact: http://www.missKrizia.com/contact/</p>


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