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2. Group StructureRussiaUSA South Africa 3. Multi National GroupRussiaSouthAfricaIsraelWestern, EasternEuropeUSACentral & SouthAmerica 4. Our Customers 5. Tadbik Group1. Packaging Decoration 6. Self Adhesive Labels 7. Shrink Sleeves 8. In Mold Labels 9. 2. Flexible Packaging 10. Rollstock 11. Pouches 12. Retort 13. 3. Systems 14. Labeling Machines 15. Shrink Sleeve Systems 16. Weighing and Packaging Systems 17. 3. Flexible Electronics: 18. T RFID (Radio Frequency Identification(: 19. Antenna PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) Laminate 20. TADBIKGRUPSOLUTIONSINNOVATIONSPRODUCTSTADBIKPACKIMLSHRINKSLEEVES 21. Tadbik Pack Over the WorldShrink Sleeves:One of The Top 5 Supplier in the WorldIn Mold Labels:One Of The Top 5 Supplier in the World 22. High Light Customers,Europe :ItalyGermanySpainPortugalEnglandIsraelBelgium 23. Israel:Israel:Market leader in ShrinkSleeves and IML 24. USA, Central & South America, South AfricaUSA:Central &SouthAmericaSouthAfrica 25. Technology 26. COMBI-PRESS 6 Offset and 3 Gravure 27. Offset Plate Gravure Cylinder 28. C.T.P Computer To Plate 29. Issue Offset Gravure Flexo Digital printingMachine cost Very high High Medium MediumPre print costs Low cost High cost Medium cost Very Low costPre print time Fast response Slow response Medium Fast responseGraphic changes Low cost High cost Medium cost Very Low costSpecial inks andvarnishesLow effect High effect Medium effect Low effectScreen percentage Near to 1% Minimum 3% Minimum 3-5% Near to 1%Long Runs cost Low per unit Low per unit Medium per unit Very high per unitDot per inch 175 - 225 175 - 225 140 - 175 200-225Over coming jellyfish phenomenaInvisible Visible Visible Invisible 30. On Line Quality Control 31. The system is able to detect various types of printing faultssuch as: mis-register, color variations, misprints, streaks &spots.Automatic Defect DetectionSpotsMisprintsStreaksMis-register 32. Quality Assurance StandardsISO 9001:2008,ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 33. Quality Assurance Standards HACCP & ISO 22000 34. Quality Assurance Standards FDA 35. Low Migration UV Inks for Food PackagingMigration is wandering of components from thepackaging into the filling.Migration as generic term can be subdivided into:Set Off:Contact of the ink orlacquer with the foodcontact face of thefollowing sheet orthe following windingin the reel.Penetration:Migration fromthe outer face ofthe packagingthrough thematerial into thefilling 36. Films for food packagaing materials are gettingthinner and thus with less barrier properties. In order to solve it, Tadbik Pack is printing all productswith low migration colors.Low Migration 37. Wide range of shapes Rotary die-cutting Up to 6 offset & 3 Gravure colorsIMLInjection, Blow Mold and Decoration 38. IML - IIML - IIn Mold labels for InjectionIn Mold labels for Injection 39. Trends in IML - Thin Wall Containers 40. Trends in IML Special InksMetal inks (Gold and Silver) provide an eye catcherproduct on the shelf 41. IML for tubesCan be applied on variety of sizes and shapes 42. Excellent barrier to water vapor, gases & aromas Resistant to moisture and oils The oxygen high-barrier construction helps extendproduct shelf life Suitable for direct contact with foodHigh Barrier IML For Polypropylene containers 43. Polypropylene Labels For AutoclaveThe labels are suitable for autoclave, pasteurization andretort technologiesenable to maintain the appearance and performance afterharsh sterilization processes 44. In Mold Labels with Soft Touch provide a unique touch through lamination process Differentiation on the shelf 45. In Mold Label with Thermo InkPrinted area with thermo ink. The writing can be changedaccording to the temperature of the product (cautious ifit is too hot or bon appetite if the temperature isoptimal).Laminated lidThermal inkIML 46. In Mold Labels with two-sided printing 47. In Mold Labels with coupon labels 48. IML - BIML - BIn Mold labels for BlowIn Mold labels for Blow 49. IML B 50. IML B 51. IML - DIML - DIn Mold labels for DecorationIn Mold labels for Decoration 52. IML- Decoration (Lamination( Suitable for Outdoor and indoor products UV protection 53. IML- Decoration (Lamination( 54. IML- Decoration (Lamination( 55. IML- Decoration (Lamination( 56. IML- Decoration (Lamination( 57. IMLIMLRadio Frequency Identification 58. IML with Radio Frequency identificationTadbik Pack has been collaborating with Tadbik AdvancedTechnologies (TAT) to integrate RFID technology into In-Mold Labels 59. IML with Radio Frequency identificationAllows automatic tracking and protection of theproduct 60. Low cost in large quantities Strengthens and lightens container High quality printing (Offset/ Gravure) 360 degree coverage of container Integral part of container cannot be removed benefit ondangerous items Recyclable together with container Choice of materials including transparent and metalizedBenefits - IML 61. Shrink sleeves products 62. PVC from 50 To 35 micron PET from 45 To 35 micron OPS from 50 To 40 micron PLA from 50 to 40 micronShrink Sleeves Thin Materials 63. Shrink Sleeves Tamper-evident seals 360 degree coverage Full in house solution-providing sleeve machineand sleeves 64. Shrink Sleeves with Barrier Properties Provide high barrier for UV Lightand Visual Light Extending the product shelf life Gives higher freshness to theproduct 65. Material with Optical Brightener 66. Special offers for Sales Promotion -variable codes/Printed images 67. Special offers for Sales Promotion Tattoo or sticker 68. Special offers for Sales Promotion Tattoo or sticker 69. Special offers for Sales Promotion Glow in the Dark 70. Metallic InksEnable outstanding luxury look on point of sale 71. Inks With special Pigments: Merk , Pearl 72. Selective Matt Effect 73. Shrink Sleeve with Hidden ImageAllows verification of the original product 74. Scratch and sniff patchEnhancing customer experience, building brandidentity, driving purchasing decisions 75. Digital Printing Cost effective for market research, special editionsand promotions Ability to mix different designs 76. Biodegradable shrink sleeve (PLA)Shrink sleeves labels made from friendly raw material Recyclable material bottle and sleeve made from PLA 77. Sleeves with Heat Activated glue for Cups 78. White sleeves with UV barrier 79. MULTI PACK 80. Shrink wrap around sleeves (ROSO( 81. Ability for maximum coverage of the products 360 Compatible to special shapes & curves Production & delivery in single cut or in reels High quality printing Combi Press 6 Offset & 3 Gravure Varying materials according to needs of product High speed productivity on sleeve machine up to 800units per minute Incorporation of tamper evident with label Save place in storageBenefits - Shrink Sleeves 82. Tadbik Pack Advantages Advanced Packaging Solutions Global presence State of the Art technology In house pre-press department enable Flexibility and loworigination costs Leading and creative R&D team Fast reaction and short production lead-time Un-Compromised Quality Sustainability 83. Thank you!