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2. European Disability Forum1. Who are we?2. How do we work?3. What do we want?4. Our achievements5. EDF Youth Committee6. Focus on Freedom of movement 3. 1. EDF- Who are we?- An independent NGO- The umbrella organisation of persons withdisabilities in Europe- The front runners for disability rights 4. 1. EDF- Who are we? human rights equal opportunities non-discriminationMission a society that includes people withdisabilities is a better society foreveryoneVision guarantee fundamental rights promote active participation ofpersons with disabilitiesValues 5. We make our voice heard towards the EU InstitutionsWe consult NGOs, industry, consumers & social partnersWe provide real expertise to decision-makers2. How do we work ?EU bodies 6. 2. How do we work ?Who deals with what?EU Internal market, transport, product safetyMember States Social policies, health, educationWho does what?EU EDF works with the EU institutions directlyMember States EDF members works with national governments 7. 3. What do we want ? 8. 4. Our achievementsDisability StrategyDisability Strategy2010-20202010-2020Structural FundsStructural FundsStructural Funds 9. 5. EDF Youth CommitteeParticipation-Mainstreaming Disability in EUYouth Policy, November 2009-EDF Position Paper on EU YouthPolicy, November 2009 10. 5. EDF Youth CommitteeEducation-The EDF Statement on InclusiveEducation, February 2009 11. 5. EDF Youth CommitteeNon-formal Experiences:Creativity, Volunteering, Youth Work-EDF Position Paper on EUYouth Policy, November 2009 12. 5. EDF Youth CommitteeHealth and Sport-EDF Policy Document on Disabled Peoplewith Chronic Illness, February 2008- Mental Health Europes response to theEuropean Commission consultation on EUAction to Reduce Health Inequalities, March2009 13. 5. EDF Youth CommitteeEmployment-EDF Position Paper on active inclusion ofPeople furthest from the Labour Market,February 2008-EDF Response to the EuropeanCommission consultation on DisabilityMainstreaming in the EuropeanEmployment Strategy, May 2004 14. 6. In 2011 EDF focuses onFreedom of movementIt is an objective of the EU that is protected by the treaties.It guarantees: Free movement of persons Free movement of goods Free movement of services 15. 6. In 2011 EDF focuses onFreedom of movementCurrent Situation:People with disabilities cannotyet fully enjoy their rights toFree movement and accessmainstream goods andservices, as easily as any otherEU citizen. 16. 6. In 2011 EDF focuses onFreedom of movementTheFreedomGuideThe adoption of a strong, legallybindingEuropean AccessibilityActThe adoption of aEuropean Mobility Card2 Objectives 1 Lobbying Tool+ 17. For some this is Mt Everest 18. Are you free enough?www.edf-feph.orgYour contact details