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Paintball Info slide show, provides information on the variations of paintball, paintball equipment, and how safe paintball is compared to other sports.


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2. Speedball is one of the two distinctive variants of the sport of paintball. Speedball is played on field composed of bunkers in the same location and number on both sides, which provides an equal playing field for both sides. Speedball was created this way to provide a better format for competitive paintball, both as a spectator and a playing sport. 3. Woodsball, is the other popular variant of the paintball sport. Unlike Speedball, Woodsball is played in any natural setting, where there is an emphasis on tactics, strategies, stealth, and camouflage. This form of paintball that usually involves large amounts of people, but there is less competitiveness in comparison to speedball. 4. 5. The previous slide is a perfect example of the Woodsball variant of the paintball sport. The photo is of an infantry advance during the Oklahoma D-Day event. Thisevent is the worlds largest Woodsball event, composing of thousands of players. The following slide is example of the Speedball variant of the paintball sport. The image is of a team doing a breakout, this is when part of the team gives covering fire in the middle, while the rest of the team moves to their pre-designated positions. 6. 7. There is a lot of confusion on what to get first for paintball. Getting items in this order usually guarantees that you will have good equipment:1. Paintball Mask 2. Elbow and knee pads 3. Air source HPA/Co2 4. Loader 5. Paintball Marker 6. Apparel (depends on style of play) note: when buying equipment buy the most expensive one you can afford that way you will have no really need to worry about equipment failure. 8. Growth Rate of Paintball 9. 10. "Paintball Participation." SGMA. 2003. SGMA. 5 Oct. 2008 . "Paintball Good Safety Record." Minnesota Paintball Association. 2003. 5 Oct. 2008 . Photos supplied by Paintball Photography