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  • Confidential Property of Schneider Electric

    Presented by: Rob Kambach

    System Platform Roadmap 2018

  • Agenda

    Page 2Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |

    Why System Platform

    Roadmap System Platform

    System Platform 2017

    System Platform 2017 Update 1

    System Platform 2017 Update 2

  • Why System Platform1

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    System Platform 2017with Operations Management Interface

    Build It Once. Build It For All.

    Product Manager System Platform and InTouch OMI

  • Rising costs evolving/ managing


    Aging Asset/ Legacy Unconnected Systems

    Tightened Regulations

    Cyber Security

    Skills shortage due to aging workforce/Generation Shift

    Operational efficiency

    Enterprise-wide visibility for enhanced decision support

    Operator productivity

    Agility in meeting changing requirements



    Mobility/ BYOD

    Big Data Analytics

    Confidential Property of Schneider Electric

    Industry Challenges Technology TrendsBusiness Imperatives

    Business Trends

  • Hardware agnostic real time controland information management.

    Capability extension to incorporatenew II0T connected points.

    Hardware agnostic real time controland information management.

    Toolkit ecosystem partners to develop and deploy customer and industry specific Applications

    Easy integration with businessapplications through a commoninformation model

    Why System Platform 2017?

    The end-to-end industrial automation platform is the foundation for IT/OT convergence.

    Confidential Property of Schneider Electric

  • Scalability for EngineersFor SCADA/Automation Engineers, Process/Controls Engineers & SIs

    + Powerful drag-and-drop applicationbuilding capabilities

    + Standards enforcement+ Remote deployment capabilities + Scale from a single node to an entire

    enterprise with the same technology

    Sustainability for OperatorsFor Plant Managers, Operations Managers, SCADA Managers & Central ControlRoom Operators+ Visualize, optimize and act+ Achieve situational awareness with

    contextualized information+ Quickly and accurately address abnormal

    situations before they impact operations

    Security for IT & AdminsFor IT Managers, System Admins, Func Dept. Maintenance (Q/A), Accounting Dept., Corporate Business Users

    + The most secure andIT friendly interface

    + Enables seamless integration on business processes

    + Electronic documentation of thesystem history, tracking and auditing to ensure compliance

    Confidential Property of Schneider Electric

    What roles are affected by System Platform 2017

  • System Platform 2017

    Operations Management Interface OMI

  • Wonderware System Platform 2017


    Wonderware Historian

    InTouch OMI

    Wonderware OI Server

    InTouch for System Platform

    InTouch for System Platform

    Wonderware Historian

    Device Integration


    System Platform WSP 2014 R2

    System Platform 2017

  • System Platform 2017- Common Technology

  • Roadmap System Platform

  • System Platform 2017- 2014 and 2014 R2 Release




    Template Locking

    2014 2014 R2


    Symbol Wizards

    Out of theBox content


    Auto Complete

    Life CycleIT Compliance

    0 IDE Workflow IT

    Connection Points

    SA Symbols


    Alarm BorderAnimation




    Alarm PlantState based



    Non Interactive User

    ALMDB Integrated Sec


    Virtual Appliance


    Device Linkage


    SMC Improvements

  • System Platform 2017- 2017 Release


    Out of theBox content

    Life CycleIT Compliance

    Q2 2017

    Object WizardsStandard Builder

    HTML 5, MapWPF support


    Screen Profiles


    AutomationAsset Library

    Auto Navigation



    Client softwareZero install


    Object WizardAssembler


    Footprint reduction Runtime




    Apps, Apps, Apps

    NativeMulti Screen


    Sky Line UI RT

    Co Existence IT

  • System Platform 2017- 2017 Update 1


    Out of theBox content

    Q4 2017

    Wider Support HTML 5 on Map

    HTML 5, MapWPF support

    SDK for Apps

    Navigation and Alarm Integration App

    Impromptu App

    Breadcrumb App


    Footprint reduction Runtime Redundant


    HTML 5 InTouch Web

    Alarm/Trend App

    Wider Support HTML 5 on Map

    Map Dynamic Assets

    Map ESRI support X/Y Tiles

    Alarm Aggregation EnhancementTitle Bar App

    Browser App URL Context

    Styling Apps

  • System Platform 2017- 2017 Update 2


    Out of theBox content

    Q2 2018

    Fast Switch for OMI

    Auto CompleteOMI ViewAppNamespace


    Custom NavigationNames

    InTouch Access AnywhereMulti Touch Support

    Ability to Modify ViewAppNamespace

    Life CycleIT Compliance

    Historical Custom Properties

    Support Custom Script libraries

    No Admin User Requirement to Launch IDE

    Content Director

    Trend ClientEnhanced

    Alarm Client Enhanced

    Navigation Explorer

    More Content Types

  • System Platform 2017

  • > Based on Situational Awareness combined with Skyline UI/UX

    > Based on Studies of various Companies and how Operators interact with systems

    > Presenting a best in breed runtime UI/UX to increase Operational Effectiveness.

    > Developed by a UI/UX design firm

    > Easy Brand able

    Persona JoeSystem Platform 2017- Runtime UI UX

  • 80% Google20% SchneiderNew Editors LooksRuntime UI/UX

    System Platform 2017- Runtime UI UX

  • + Integrate your new and existing operational and IT systems into a single unified visualization client.

    +Deliver modern user experiences on every device without extra scripting or programming.

    +No screen size or platform suffers. With the only Responsive HMI framework, you can design applications once and deploy anywhere, on any device screen, the first time.

    +A common platform for industrial apps provides business insights, integrated analytics and unified KPIs in context with operational data.

    Modern user experiences no longer require a PhD in UI scripting.

    InTouch OMI NextGenResponsive Visualization

    Confidential Property of Schneider Electric

    System Platform 2017- Visualisation

  • +World's 1st OMI eliminates need for scripting

    +Have HMI ready in minutes with out-of-box library content that works with any PLC, DCS, RTU

    + Plug and Play apps for single UI for Operations

    + Faster identification and response of abnormal situations

    + 100% reusability of initial engineering investment

    +Deploy incrementally without any system downtime

    Confidential Property of Schneider Electric

    System Platform 2017 is the worlds most prolific real-time control platform for Supervisory, SCADA, MES and IIoT application development.

    System Platform 2017- One Platform many experiences


    Historical Playback, Real-time Visualizationand Remote Access Functionalities

    Historical Playback+ Combine real time & historical data+ Provide greater insight+ Enable proactive operations+ Improve decision making

    Online Insight+ Pinpoint reasons for downtime+ Perfect for technical and casual users+ Reduce time and cost of operator training+ Access information from the Cloud

    Intouch Access Anywhere+ Get remote and mobile access to InTouch apps anytime,

    anywhere through your device+ Integrate SmartGlance for real-time historical and events

    dashboards, and KPI analysis

    Confidential Property of Schneider Electric

    System Platform 2017- Access and Visualize your operations Anywhere

  • More importantly, none of the content changed for any of these examples

    Tablet UI Portrait Tablet UI Landscape Desktop UI Mobile UI

    Forget re-engineering HMI graphics. Configure applications once. Deploy anywhere, on any device.

    Confidential Property of Schneider Electric

    System Platform 2017- Responsive Design makes form factors easy

  • Visualization Configuration

    Resolution independent development Navigation built in and easy to maintain New Editors in the IDE No new tools to learn all native to IDE Same behavior as any other objects No locking issues multi editing enabled Graphic linking to objects allowing to use the model but manage Graphics in GTB Operational permissions equal to graphic editor and InTouch

    New Editors:

    Screen Profile Editor(Where to Display)

    Layout Editor(How to Display)

    ViewApp Editor(What to Display)

    System Platform 2017- New Editors

  • Rich, modern applications simplify the flow of data that connects plant assets with control and business systems.


    + InSight+ Navigation

    +Map +Navigation

    +Win 911+J5

    Confidential Property of Schneider Electr