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<ul><li><p>8/10/2019 Syllabus for Unified(VNX) Storage_Symmetrix Solution Specilaist_RecoverPoint Operation Management</p><p> 1/4</p><p>Storage Administrator (EMCSA)</p><p>Specialist - VNX Solutions</p><p>Course Outline</p><p>1. Unisphere Security and Basic Management</p><p> Unisphere Security Features and Implementation</p><p> Unisphere and CLI Interface</p><p> Unisphere Authentication using LDAP</p><p> Control Station Auditing</p><p> Notifications Methods and Event Monitoring</p><p>2. Storage System Provisioning and Management</p><p>SP Networking and Cache</p><p> VNX Storage Objects</p><p>3. Host Integration and Access to Block Storage</p><p> Access Logix</p><p> Network Topologies and Requirements</p><p> PowerPath and other Host Utilities</p><p>4. Host Installation and Integration for Block</p><p> Implementing Windows, Linux, and ESXi FC and iSCSI Connectivity</p><p>5. Advanced Storage Concepts</p><p> FAST VP and FAST Cache</p><p>6. VNX Block Local Replication Solutions</p><p> Replication Terminology and Operations</p><p> Configuring and Managing SnapView Snapshot, SnapView Clone, and VNX Snapshot</p><p>7. Data Mover Networking</p><p> Data Mover Network Devices</p><p> Implementing DNS and Time Services</p><p> 8. File System Components and Features</p><p>8. Configuring CIFS</p><p> Create and Join a CIFS Server to a Windows Domain</p><p> File System Access Via CIFS</p><p> CIFS Operational Considerations</p><p> Usermapper</p><p>9. Virtual Data Movers</p></li><li><p>8/10/2019 Syllabus for Unified(VNX) Storage_Symmetrix Solution Specilaist_RecoverPoint Operation Management</p><p> 2/4</p><p> Virtual Data Mover Overview</p><p> Create and Manager Virtual Data Movers</p><p>10. VNX SnapSure</p><p> VNX SnapSure Theory and Operations</p><p>Configuring SnapSure Managing Checkpoints</p><p> Planning SnapSure</p><p>11. Data Mover Failover</p><p> Configuring Data Mover Failover</p><p> Testing Data Mover Failover and Failback</p><p>Storage Administrator (EMCSA)</p><p>Specialist - Symmetrix SolutionsCourse Outline</p><p>1. Symmetrix Configuration</p><p>2. Device Creation and Mapping</p><p>3. Host Connectivity Considerations</p><p>4. Symmetrix and Device Attributes</p><p>5. Auto-Provisioning Groups</p><p>6. Virtual Provisioning Concepts and Planning</p><p>7. Virtual Provisioning with Solution Enabler</p><p>8. Monitoring Thin Pools</p><p>9. Virtual LUN Migration</p><p>10. Federated Tiered Storage</p><p>11. FAST and FAST VP Concepts</p><p>12. Managing FAST and FAST VP Using SYMCLI</p><p>13. Symmetrix Configuration with Unisphere for VMAX</p><p>14. Symmetrix Storage in a Virtual Environment</p><p>Labs</p><p>Lab 1: Create and Delete Devices</p><p>Lab 2: C reate Different Devices and Map Them with Configuration Manager</p><p>Lab 3: RDF Groups and Pairs</p><p>Lab 4: Mapping and Masking</p><p>Lab 5: Create Thing and Data Devices and Pools</p><p>Lab 6: Map and Mask Thin Devices</p><p>Lab 7: Miscellaneous Virtual Provisioning OperationsLab 8: Monitor Thin Pool Usage</p><p>Lab 9: Virtual LUN Migration DP and VP</p><p>Lab 10: Federated Tiered Storage</p><p>Lab 11: Manage FASTVP using SYMCLI</p><p>Lab 12: Manage FAST and FAST VP with SMC</p><p>Lab 13: Symmetrix Configuration with Unisphere for VMAX</p><p>Lab 14: Symmextrix Configuration with SMC</p><p>Lab 15: ESXi Server Storage Provisioning</p></li><li><p>8/10/2019 Syllabus for Unified(VNX) Storage_Symmetrix Solution Specilaist_RecoverPoint Operation Management</p><p> 3/4</p><p>Course Outline</p><p>1. Symmetrix Business Continuity Concepts</p><p> Device Groups, Consistency Groups, and Device Files</p><p> VMware Storage Presentation Methods</p><p> Host Considerations when Accessing Replicated Devices in Physical and Virtual Environments</p><p>2. TimeFinder/Snap Operations</p><p> TimeFinder/Snap Overview and Considerations</p><p> Managing TimeFinder/Snap Using SYMCLI</p><p> Using Unisphere for VMAX for TimeFinder/Snap Operations</p><p>3. SRDF/Synchronous Operations</p><p> SRDF Initial Setup Operations</p><p> SRDF Disaster Recovery Operations</p><p> SRDF Decision Support/Concurrent Operations</p><p> SRDF/S for VMFS Disaster Recovery</p><p> SRDF/S Disaster Recovery for a VM Accessing RDM Hard Disks</p><p> Using Unisphere for VMAX to Perform SRDF/S Operations</p><p>4. SRDF/Asynchronous Operations</p><p> SRDF/A Overview and Operations</p><p> SRDF/A Resiliency Features</p><p> SRDF/A Multi-Session Consistency</p><p> SRDF/A Consistency Exempt Feature</p><p>5. Open Replicator for Symmetrix Operational Details</p><p> Open Replicator Overview and Modes of Operation</p><p> Zoning and LUN Masking Requirements</p><p> Using SYMCLI to Perform ORS Operations</p><p> Using Unisphere for VMAX to Perform ORS Operations</p><p>RecoverPoint Operation Management</p><p>1. Recover Point</p><p>2. Getting Started with RecoverPoint</p><p>3. Consistency Group Operations</p><p>4. Managing the RecoverPoint Environment</p><p>5. Event Notification and Troubleshooting</p></li><li><p>8/10/2019 Syllabus for Unified(VNX) Storage_Symmetrix Solution Specilaist_RecoverPoint Operation Management</p><p> 4/4</p><p>RecoverPoint Environment Familiarization</p><p>Replication Configuration</p><p>Managing Replication Jobs</p><p>CRR Image Access</p><p>Working with Consistency Group Policies</p><p>Working with CLR</p><p>Adding and Removing Journal Volumes</p><p>Troubleshooting</p></li></ul>


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