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KHALID BIN WALEED RAMade By : Syed Usaid UllahClass : VI B

A battle in which ,Three commandarers become shuhadaZaid,jaffer bin talib And abdullah bin rahawa

The greatest general in histroyFought aginst the muslim but then for allahDefeated muslim in ghazwa uhadLet them to victory in battle ofmutah

Nine sword broke in his handHe fought on valiantlyMany tatics he did useAginst his enmy

Proved fit for this titleThis sahaba so renowedWheather fighting as a commander or a soilderNever let muslim down

Fought without armour Desired to be shaheedDeafeat cowerd away from himAnd he was never afraid of it

In the battle of yarmuk30,000 muslim faced the enmyNumbering 200,000Could they beat this army?

In the battle of Mutah I broke nine sword in my hand, but I have never met an enemy like Persians and among Persian have never met any enemy like the army of battle of Ullais.Khalid Bin Waleed

Khlid ibn al-Wald Khalid Bin Al-Walid.gifCalligraphic representationNickname(s)Sword of GodBorn585ADMecca, ArabiaDied642ADHoms, SyriaBuried atKhalid ibn al-Walid MosqueAllegianceRashidun CaliphateService/branchRashidun armyYears of service632638UnitMobile guardCommands heldCommander-in-chief (632634)Field Commander (634638)Commander of Mobile guard (634638)Military governor of Iraq (633634)Governor of Chalcis (637638]


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