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  1. 1. O Canada: Can You Build a Billion- Dollar Company Outside the Valley? Andrew DSouza, Top Hat Mike Litt, VidYard Dan Martell, Angel Investor Erin Bury, Betakit (moderator)
  2. 2. Proof Is in the Canadian Pudding
  3. 3. Opportunity War for Talent/Attracting Talent Startup Costs Immigration Governmental Support
  4. 4. Canadian Climate Traditionally more risk-averse VCs in Canada. Impact on financing? How do Canadian/international startups attract financing for companies built outside of the Valley?
  5. 5. Tips for International Entrepreneurs How can you attract funding if youre not in a startup hub like NYC, Boston, or Silicon Valley? Do people take you seriously if youre not in the US? How can you build out a customer base? How can you attract entrepreneurial-minded talent? Can you get media coverage/build relationships without having a presence in Silicon Valley?