SXSW Music 2015: Surviving the Shift: Rethinking Music and Data

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<p>Recrafting Cultural Industries</p> <p>Surviving the Shift:1Rethinking MUSIC and DATAGigi Johnson, EdDUCLA Center for Music Innovation@MusicInnovUCLA#SurviveMD cc Flickr/Effervescing ElephantMA</p> <p>MA the space in between the beatsFlickr/IQRemix cc 2.0</p> <p>We are Creating for a(Inter)Connected WorldSource: FacebookBasically, I equate free with the decline of the music business," Morris declared. "Why should anyone pay for anything if they can get it for free? In certain instances, its worth a discussion. But in general, free is death.</p> <p>Doug Morris, Sony MusicHITS Daily Double, March 11, 2015</p> <p>The Shift: Transactional to RelationalASCAP up 5% Intl, 6.7% US to over 13 billionUniversal and Sony both down single digits</p> <p>Half = video streamingSource: NielsenCisco video volume stats: Globally, IP video traffic will be 79 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2018, up from66 percent in 2013</p> <p>We Have ArrivedAt???</p> <p>Flickr/jgoge123 cc 2.0Survive?ThriveWhy the shift? Why Now?Big challenge for advertisers in an age of Programmatic and Native advertisingPast Pivot to a digital singles world: 1/10 ratio10</p> <p>Source: RIAA figures; Digital Music NewsCDsUS MM Units Shipped, 1973-2010DigitalSinglesLPsCassettesPer person transactional peaked 199911</p> <p>Revenue: a 3-part pie</p> <p>Source: RIAA Revenue: Flat-ish, despite shift</p> <p>Source: RIAA Pie up but shifting</p> <p>2011: Future of Music Study on 5,300 artists</p> <p>Source: in 2012 at NAMM</p> <p>N: over 5,300 US-based musicians and composersVarying Pies</p> <p> Merch 1-6% Revenue</p> <p>2012: 1-10% Brand incomeIndie Rock FOM 2012</p> <p>Touring Artist FOM 2012</p> <p>Performing Artist FOM 2012</p> <p>Live = growth</p> <p>Source: PollstarPollstar: 2015 More than 1,500 major festivals and events from more than 70 countriesDATA is NOW Drives time, place, and connection</p> <p>Flickr/notbruceleeDIGITAL MADigital Drivers Reconnect Time and Place with Data The core of the big shiftNot just MUSIC</p> <p>Old flows of fan-domPotential FansExisting Music ExperienceDiscovery &amp; AwarenessEngagementRadioMTVFriendsConcert &amp; CD MarketingPurchaseTastemaker shift in powerStill radio radio oneMetrics and engagement loop Shazam, Next Big Sounds Billboard 200</p> <p>new flows of fan-doMPotential FansKNOWN:Existing Music ExperienceDiscovery &amp; AwarenessEngagementRadioSocial MediaFriendsConcert &amp; CD MarketingPurchaseInternet RadioYouTube/VEVOFacebookFriendsSoundcloudSpotifyListen to a StreamShareCoverTastemaker shift in powerStill radio radio oneMetrics and engagement loop Shazam, Next Big Sounds Billboard 200</p> <p>Breadth: For Keeping Up-to-date</p> <p>Most, 12-24, Keeping Up-to-date Sources</p> <p>New gatekeepers: data lives in owned funnelsSecondary value: Beyond transactionsEngagement DataEvent DesignBrand RelationshipsCommunity BuildingData driving backwardsDATAWhales, Minnows, Dolphins</p> <p>Source:; Hanny Nada, GGV CapitalData for the rest of usThriving 2020:</p> <p>Connecting the dots:Time + Place + Data</p> <p>Digital MaDifferent distributionDifferent on-ramp and entityDifferent filtersDifferent what we know and valueDifferent relationships between sale and advertising</p> <p> as Ive said many times the future is already here its just not very evenly distributed.William Gibson, 1999Live experience = enhancing CRM, P&amp;L, etc.Casino P&amp;L per person since 1990sTheme Parks RFID and wristbandsRetail iBeacons (low power Bluetooth)3 resulting ShiftS</p> <p>Engagement and Predictive metrics, not just reportingSuperFans, 80/20, and what we can do about itNew Super-influencers and folks in between</p> <p>SmartPhone: Everywhere DataFlickr/m01229 cc2.0Regional TastesPotential SuperFansPrior BehaviorNew FOMO directions: LIVERarer Live Constant Social vs. Constant TogetherGen Y and Z:Increase social mediaDrop in carsIncrease in festivals -- FOMO</p> <p>New magic to regional </p> <p>Collecting local audiences for local advertising, local media content, and geo-contracted structures of national content and ads.</p> <p> data: surprise, delight, and Build Stories out of Live engagementData engaged live experiences iBeacons, LISNR, geofencing, RFIDKnowing WHERE you listening and understanding the Where Adjacency to purchase for Merch or Brands (later) </p> <p>Aloompa</p> <p>iBeacon -- geofencingRFID</p> <p>"Build stories out of festival Products" </p> <p>iBeacon - light-based tech - openLISNR - high frequency 18.5-19.5 khz -- we can't hear -- activate</p> <p>Chad Issaq -- -- SuperFly -- Hard tickets to RFID, wristbandaccess/security management + layers + gamificaton - -social platformScan towers in different stagessocial connectivityiBeacon -- info to surprise and delight -- around the festival grounds</p> <p>Maurice Slade -- worked with LISNR J Cole -- listening session -- theatre, downloaded, Beats by Dre sponsored. Unified experience. Put together in 5 days. Fayetteville, Chicago, and Toronto -- 200-250/market ,mostly outsidePeople plugged into car speakers to extendData analytics value evidenced 2013-14</p> <p>2011: Live Nation had bought Big ChampagneGlobal Music Data alliance</p> <p>Engagement and Predictive metrics, not just reporting</p> <p>Shazam - radioPandora AMP - Pandora -- "thumb moments"</p> <p>NBS brands as data clients challenges for Brands in Engagement</p> <p>NBS</p> <p> Instagram vs twitter</p> <p> Soundcloud</p> <p>Pandora AMP</p> <p>Artist Audio Messaging(in beta)YouTUBE Cards -- Artist programs stay in-house</p> <p>SuperFan: 80/20, small data, closer to meStory of FranklinMint80/20 and Pareto Principal1% found by NBSAmanda Palmer and the whale super/fan challenge with who has what dataVIP models and different sharing of revenue in a 360 worldBuilding of communities and whose community challenge of FB and YouTube data and transferability</p> <p>VIP Fan membershipDrip.fmPatreon Amanda Palmer ExamplesLISNR and J. Cole Listening partiesExploding KittensTunezy</p> <p>Patreon: Amanda Palmer</p> <p>Patreon: Amanda Palmer Whales</p> <p>Bandcamp subscriptions</p> <p>Bandsintown</p> <p>Tunezy SFX Acquisition</p> <p></p> <p></p> <p>Boiler Room: Live Concerts</p> <p>Collaborative social action and influencePlaylisters new unpaid influencers</p> <p>Playlisters the new "album"BlogsSocial Media looped metrics retargeting and modern marketing methods</p> <p>Digital Music Ecosystem64</p> <p>ChallengesWho owns my data and my customer?Throttling of connections FB progressive percentage drop; challenge with models that depend on itMeasuring from the inside vs outside Fans vs engagement metrics for others; conversion funnel as conversation funnelHow do I do this as a working musician? Who are the layers of ecosystems and tools to onboard all of this a real opportunity to make sense of it all</p> <p>The 3 As + F dominant economic controls</p> <p>Echonest every noise at once</p> <p>EchoNestEvery Noise at Once Webhook-ing pieces together</p> <p>Meerkat</p> <p>LinkedIn exampleNext steps?Know you own mapping of your data and ecosystemMap who else is diong this wellThink about the Pros &amp; Cons: Work on the bleeding edge vs. Learn from those who are doing</p> <p>Data + Emotion + time + place = Story</p> <p>Digital MA + Data = community and valueKnow you own mapping of your data and ecosystemMap who else is dong this wellThink about the Pros &amp; Cons: Work on the bleeding edge vs. Learn from those who are doing</p> <p>Gigi Johnson, EdDUCLA Center for Music InnovationSlides:</p>