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<ul><li> 1. SXSW Digital Press Center</li></ul> <p> 2. Over 3000 media attendees come to SXSW,looking for good stories. Everybody wants toget in touch with them.We gure things can get messy. 3. Are these questions familiar?Can I get a list of attending press?Can you introduce me to publication X &amp; Y?I have a press release can you distribute it?Where can I nd all press releases?I have awesome news can you add it to your site? 4. The answer:Go to the SXSW Digital Press CenterThe place where sponsors, participating companies and partners can publish their news. 5. OpenPressRoom 6. BenetsAnswer to all the questionsOne-stop-shop for mediaSave trees, no need to print those PDFsBrandedMore overall coverage 7. How does it work for partners?1.Your partners create a free PressDoc account2.They create press releases3.Releases are published in the SXSW digital presscenter 8. How does it work for SXSW?1. Communicate the digital press center to thepartners and press2. Designate a contact person to keep in touch withPressDoc3. Leave the rest to us (support, moderation, techsupport, design) 9. What does a PressDoc look like? 10. Embargo press releases 11. Include relevant attachments 12. Thank you!</p>