SxSW Government Engagement Panel Proposal

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Post on 12-Jan-2015




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  • 1. Engaging Governmentfor Fun, Profit, and Meaning Using government data and tools to join exciting, meaningful projects, start or grow your business, and make better daily decisions
  • 2. Join Exciting, Meaningful Projects
  • 3. Start or Grow Your Business Compete in a challenge Develop an app or site based on government data Request new datasets to build new tools or expand existing ones
  • 4. Make Better Daily Decisions
  • 5. Participants and ModeratorConsumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Want to build a tool that helps people with their finances? The CFPB is currently developing the standards that financial institutions and products will use.General Services Administration (GSA) Want to solve a problem and get paid for it? Through, GSA offers companies big and small an opportunity to compete for chase prizes that answer a social, environmental, technological, or other need.National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Want to join a project to identify people in old photographs? How about helping tag Census data from the 40s? Having launched the Citizen Archivist Dashboard, NARA allows citizens to take part in the project of identifying and preserving online historical artifactsUS Department of Agriculture (USDA) Want to track your diet? How about building a tool that helps others make better food choices? The USDA runs SuperTracker, a tool that helps people keep track of their diet. They also have a nutritional database with thousands of food items.Moderator: Gadi Ben-Yehuda,Innovation and Social Media DirectorIBM Center for the Business of Government