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  1. 1. Teaching with an Entrepreneurs Mindset Matt Horan High School Math Teacher Dallas, TX
  2. 2. Theme If an entrepreneur became a teacher How would they think? What would they do?
  3. 3. Relatable Premise Im asked a lot Can you look at my resume? And Ive listened to a lot of complaints about Administrative and Bureaucratic burdens teachers were feeling
  4. 4. Relatable Premise Can you look at my resume? My response Read this book!
  5. 5. Relatable Premise Because the mindset of I need a good resume and that will help me get a job is incomplete and short-sighted
  6. 6. Teaching Premise Likewise, the pre-occupation with the demands of Administration and The Bureaucracy a lot of my fellow teachers made me realize
  7. 7. Change in Mindset Intrapreneur Intrapreneurship is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organization
  8. 8. Recognize Your Autonomy Entrepreneurs realize: This is YOUR classroom As a teacher, you are an intrapreneur already But Are you acting like one? You have more leverage than you realize The fact that you are here investing in yourself and caring this much about education, you are probably a teacher hard to replace And if youre in a place that doesnt realize that.
  9. 9. You Can LEAVE! Teachers have a natural disposition to be martyrs Entrepreneurs are the exact opposite constantly looking for opportunities to exploit Where are the opportunities? WHEN YOUR OBSERVER ISNT THERE 70-90% of the time!! Where else are opportunities? In your classroom at your current school? Maybe in a classroom at another school?
  10. 10. MOST IMPORTANT SLIDE You have to recognize your Autonomy THE SECOND YOUR OBSERVER LEAVES YOUR CLASSROOM IMMEDIATELY GO INTO Acton Academy Mode Khan Academy Mode Socratic Discussion Blended Learning Whatever YOU think is Best for Your Kids Mode (which may very well be what Admin is pushing)
  11. 11. 2nd-MOST IMPORTANT SLIDE If doing this even occasionally: Acton Academy Mode Khan Academy Mode Socratic Discussion Blended Learning Whatever YOU think is Best for Your Kids Mode (which may very well be what Admin is pushing) Gets you into a lot of trouble from your Administration Why are you choosing to continue to work in an environment like that? An intrapreneur wouldnt
  12. 12. BE BOLD! Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs take risks! Im giving this presentation for one reason: I was in the private sector with a lot of risk- averse attitude during the financial crisis of 2009 With No Child Left Behind, state testing, and now Common Core, a lot of teachers are becoming more risk averse That is exactly when we NEED bold risk-taking!
  13. 13. LEAVE! Teachers have the inclination to be martyrs Intrapreneurs are the exact opposite We desperately need teachers to think more like entrepreneurs Look at what happened when doctors became too risk averse and decided to completely abdicate to insurance companies! who could be their clients and how much services cost The exact same things are happening to teachers as we abdicate both measurements and methods of learning to people far away from OUR classrooms Risk-taking by teachers is the only way the trend is going to be reversed
  14. 14. THANK YOU! Matt Horan