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  • 1. Learnovate Labs What Are The Learning Sciences Learning Sciences Motivation Behavior PerceptionIdentity Community
  • 2. Learnovate Labs The Learning Activation Switch Motivation For specific behaviors or desires Motivation is binary Like a power switch: two modes (on or off) Can be tapped on or off at any moment Empowerment means being able to operate your own switch
  • 3. Learnovate Labs From Motivation To Behavior Motivation For behaviors and desires in general Motivation is always on. We are always motivated towards or away from something. Then it becomes a question of steering. How do we steer our motivation? Do we steer deliberately? Automatically? Reactionarily?
  • 4. Learnovate Labs Motivation
  • 5. Learnovate Labs From Behavior To Learning Behavior Social Learning Theory Learned behavior is modeled, then emulated Improvisation creates opportunity for adaptation More attentive to others = more learning Cognition + Emotion + Perception = Behavior
  • 6. Learnovate Labs Behavior Behavior
  • 7. Learnovate Labs Behavior
  • 8. Learnovate Labs Perceptions Rule There are no misconceptions There are no misperceptions Learning occurs when perception is disciplined Perception
  • 9. Learnovate Labs Learning = Identity Identity Learning = Identity Formation As we learn something new our identity shifts We adopt/adapt and begin to belong with the people who have already learned what were learning Newcomers vs. Old-timers Legitimate Peripheral Participation
  • 10. Learnovate Labs How Identity Shapes Community Community Learning, social ties, and getting stuck Our mentors are made up of the people we know We want to be like people we respect But we identify with the people we hang out with the most Which means we learn to be like them Everyone has a community of influence Empowerment comes from harnessing your community to learn what you want
  • 11. Learnovate Labs Where We Go Next
  • 12. Learnovate Labs Where We Go Next
  • 13. Learnovate Labs How We Get There