sxsw 2017 takeaways: how one visual campaign is fighting homelessness

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Takeaways From SXSW 2017:How One Visual Campaign is Fighting Homelessness

Kyle GraziaMarch 2017OCHWW @ SXSW

In the new world of data and information We are being overwhelmedSxsw took a deeper look at combating this through the lens ofHow One Visual Campaign is Fighting Homelessness

The way people consume information is changing daily81% of people only skim through contentPeople have an easier time remembering if information is presented visuallyMore than 84% of communication will be visual by 2018

What Works:Simple, clean, high-level information (dont overload with extra content)Maintain a consistent ownable style (dont use stock themes)Pick colors that resonate with your audienceUse photography style that feels sincere and real (dont use stock photos)Visual communication represents information in a graphical way, Helping to tell a meaningful story that is quicker and is easier to understand.

( WeCounT helps people ask for items they need, and helps community members give directly to their neighbors )Killer Infographics donated their time and resources to help nonprofit WeCount with a powerful visual campaign that connected with their audience and helped meet their goals

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