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  • 1.What digital will doLearnings from SXSW 2012

2. Digital will be tactileDigital is moving beyond a lifelessexistence, and is quickly becoming anentity that emits a physical reaction toyour action.Jawbones UP band tracks your dailyactivity and vibrates to prod you along.Sifteo cubes are bringing more hands-onand game-like elements to learning.And with just a tap, NFC will transfer thephoto you just took on your phone to aframe on your desk.Technology in your hands will becomemore seamless with the world aroundyou, and the most compelling experienceswill be technology you can touch. 3. Digital will senseAs the engineers of the Xbox Kinect said,the more senses we use, the more weunderstand. That said, its crazy howmuch that box on your TV will be able tosense using your physical data.When you are sitting, it will automaticallyserve you movies, and when you arestanding, it will serve up game content.Based on unique facial expressions, it willknow if you are happy or sad and serve upthe right music from your playlist.It can hear a sneeze and respond withbless you.Xbox calls it a next generation interface,but it may be the best friend youve everhad 4. Digital will finally connect usCollaborative consumption is popping upeverywhere. From AirBNB which allowsyou to rent out a room in your home, toRelayRides which does the same for yourcar. Sharing resources is a new way ofconnecting with people in a community.But beyond the rising adoption of theseservices is how brands are gettinginvolved. GM has partnered withRelayRides to make renting your car assimple as a touch of your cell phone usingtheir OnStar system. While it makes GMdigitally progressive, its also a new andunique way to capture test drives.This opens up the possibilities forrecommendations to come in the mostsocial of ways. Hands on time insomeone elses shoes. 5. Digital will also be creepyThe most talked about tech of SXSWwere location apps that tell users aboutrelevant people in close vicinity.So youre at a party, and get pinged thatthe person who just arrived has threefriends in common with you from yourlast agency. Oh, and you both love theDodgers, Red Bull, and Lady Gaga.Instant conversation starter, but inpractice, most of the connections at SXSWtended to be weak.Yes, me and some random guy both likeNike, but that isnt enough for aconnection. And now its awkward that iteven came up.Sorry Nike fan. Its my apps fault. 6. Digital will be one-of-a-kindMobile data will continue to bring contextto content.For example, FourSquare knows if you arein your home town or traveling. It knowsif you are a coffee connoisseur or aStarbucks die hard.It takes your geo data, overlays it withbehavioral data, and spits out a one-of-a-kind recommendation that drives action.For brands, the use of data is crucial formore efficient and effective use of mediadollars. It is the intersection ofsocial, local and mobile. It allows the rightmessage, to be given to the rightperson, at the right moment.Minority report is officially here. 7. Digital will be dynamicPrice tags are a dated concept. We acceptthis in the hotel industry where at SXSW aroom at La Quinta is priced like a suite atthe Hilton. Dynamic pricing isnt new, butwe are seeing it in new places.Taxi service Uber offers rates based on acombination of distance and demand (becareful on New Years!).Klout, which measuressocialmedia, offers perks based on usersinfluence.But what happens when these worldscollide? When your receipt total at a storechanges based on your number of Twitterfollowers. With businesses trying newways to reward customers, we may soonfind out how far people will go to release 8. Digital will beam me products3D printing, which is the ability to print anobject using a digital file, could be thefuture of commerce.Lets say you need a certain size wrenchto complete a project. Instead of headingover to Home Depot, you will be able todownload a digital file and print out afully functional tool at home.Break your wrench? Scan the old withyour phone, and send it to the printer.While not efficient YET for household use,there are some practical applicationstoday. Astronauts no longer need toworry about having all the right tools.With a 3D printer, they could create themon demand in space. Which means we arethat much closer to Star Trek status. 9. Brands at SXSWBrands were on full-force at SXSW. Here are a couple of standouts. Google Village. A full block taken overReal-time infographics fromFree rides from Chevy & HootSuite.with each house representing a different Pepsi and Samsung measuring Much needed in the rain.offering, from maps to Androidthe real-time pulse of SXSW 10. But the winner wasFedExAlways be charging is the key to SXSW survival. FedEx delivery people let you plug intotheir jackets for that extra charge to keep you going. 11. Thanks from Austin