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<p>Women in sync:</p> <p>Women in sync:Music Innovation in Advertising</p> <p>2013 SXSW Panel Proposal</p> <p>1</p> <p>What it IS2013 SXSW Panel ProposalMeet some of the savviest and smartest ladies that the music business has to offer. </p> <p>We will be focusing on four women who are responsible for the music featured in some of your favorite commercials. Collectively, these women cover all aspects of this area of the music industry and have deep experience in music production, supervision and licensing. </p> <p>This panel will be a positive, fun and informative event. Designed to be an honest conversation, we will explore the journeys of four very talented and successful music businesswomen. </p> <p>We are targeting young professionals who are either trying to get their foot in the music business door or who are attempting to climb the corporate ladder and are looking for advice and inspiration.</p> <p>2</p> <p>How it Works2013 SXSW Panel ProposalLearn how these women began their careers, and the hurdles they had to overcome to achieve their hopes and dreams. </p> <p>We will not only be touching on the roles each of these women play in their respective companies, but we will also investigate some of the personal challenges in and out of the workplace that these ladies face in their quest to achieve a healthy mix of rewarding work successes and important personal time. </p> <p>While there are a lot of strong successful women in this area of the music industry, it's important to acknowledge what we've accomplished, how we got to where we are, and how we continue having a strong presence in this business.</p> <p>3</p> <p>Moderator: Theresa NotartomasoMusic Producer at Publicis Kaplan Thaler</p> <p>Panelists: Stephanie Diaz-MatosExecutive Music Producer at McGarryBowenSanne HagelstenFounder/East Coast Partner of ZYNC Music GroupJessica LaunSenior Manager, Strategic Marketing at Warner/Chappell MusicJeannette PerezVP, Music for Brands &amp; Advertising/Licensing at Sony Music Entertainment2013 SXSW Panel ProposalWho Is onThe Panel</p> <p>4</p> <p>Question 1: Breaking into the BusinessWhen breaking into the industry, what jobs did you pursue and what were your challenges finding a position that really suited you and your passion for music? Remember the old saying of "getting your foot in the door". Does this still apply or more precisely, does it apply to the music industry?</p> <p>Question 2: Managing Challenges What is the most challenging aspect of your job when it comes to your personal life? Since advertising is such a fast paced industry coupled with quick turnaround timelines for music production and clearance, how do you make it work to ensure you have a healthy balance of work and personal time? Are there certain boundaries you put into place.</p> <p>Question 3: Women vs. MenIn your experience, do you feel women make better supervisors and producers? Do you feel that the stereotype that women are more organized than men rings true? On the flip side, are there certain responsibilities and/or talents come more naturally to the men in this business?2013 SXSW Panel ProposalSamplePanelTopics</p> <p>5</p> <p>Question 4: Gender RelationsDo you believe women in this industry are supportive of each other? Have you had any experiences where your interaction with a colleague/vendor/client (male or female) that became less about the issue at hand and more about personal issues? How do you navigate these waters?</p> <p>Question 5: Creative OpinionsWhen working on music searches or an original music production, do you find that briefs given by women differ from those given by men? If so, what are the general distinctions between the two? When submitting music to an ad agency or to ad agency creatives, do you take into account the product demographic while searching, even if it was not an ask in the brief?2013 SXSW Panel ProposalSamplePanelTopics</p> <p>6</p>