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SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide. Level to 50 and dominate your peers. Visit http://www.my-linker.com/hop/swtor for more information.


<p>Welcome To The Video Walkthrough on SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide. This Video Is Brought To You By www.swtorsaviorguide.net</p> <p>SWTOR Jedi Knight GuideIf you're looking to get as far as you can, as fast as you can, while playing The Old Republic then I highly recommend you pick up the SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide to help get you there as quickly as possible if this is the class you plan on choosing.</p> <p>SWTOR Jedi Knight GuideThe Jedi Knights have some amazing abilities in this game and they are obviously going to be the most appealing class to the majority of people who play this game.</p> <p>SWTOR Jedi Knight GuideSo obviously you want to get a guide because there's going to be some serious competition and the best way to be able to keep up is to know everything ahead of time so that you don't make any mistakes.</p> <p>SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide</p> <p>The Jedi Knight abilities are as follows(Found in the SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide):</p> <p>SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide</p> <p>They have strike ability which allows for a quick melee attack.</p> <p>SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide</p> <p>They have the slash ability which deals a good deal of moderate damage.</p> <p>SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide</p> <p>They have an ability called force vitality which will let the user give a friendly target extra endurance.</p> <p>SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide</p> <p>You'll also learn about the introspection ability, which allows a you to restore health, inside of the SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide</p> <p>SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide</p> <p>There is a quick travel ability which gives you the option to teleport to a bind poin</p> <p>SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide</p> <p>Your weapons proficiency is a light saber and your armor proficiency is heavy armor.</p> <p>SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide</p> <p>Here's a quick look at the things they will teach you inside of the SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide. This is coming directly from the table of contents inside the guide:</p> <p>SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide</p> <p>Missions 1 through 10 Rotations</p> <p>SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide</p> <p>For the Jedi Guardian class you'll learn Jedi Guardian leveling 11 - 50</p> <p>SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide</p> <p>For the Jedi Sentinel class you'll learn Jedi Sentinel leveling 11 - 50</p> <p>SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide</p> <p>The two potential sub classes of Jedi Knight that you can use are either Jedi Guardian or Jedi Sentinel in case you weren't already able to figure that out.</p> <p>SWTOR Jedi Knight GuideThe Jedi Sentinels are pretty cool because they actually have the ability to wield dual light sabers, and they also can use the force to pick out weaknesses in your opponent which is also very useful.</p> <p>SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide</p> <p>The Jedi Guardian class has a skill called vigilance which is great because it helps really improve upon your single blade offense and defense.</p> <p>SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide</p> <p>Plus, this gives you the ability to take a lot more damage without dying and you can also easily protect your allies.</p> <p>Thank You For Watching This Video Walkthrough on SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide Brought to You by www.swtorsaviorguide.net. For further information click the link below.</p>