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2. 2 3Company Information Company Information CONTENT INTRODUCTION Introduction The Company The Board and Management Committee Mission/Vision/Values International Quality, Local Affinity The Brands The Concepts Marketing and Distribution Why choose Swiss International? Business School Global and Future Presence Contact us Dear Reader, elcome to Swiss International. We appreciate your interest in our hotels & resorts and we look forward that this visit may lead to more visits. Swiss Internationals roots are obviously in Switzerland, which is worldwide known for its quality and precision. In our hotels we have translated the Swiss-ness into 8 characteristics, which we aim to have integrated into how we offer Hospitality to all our guests and travel partners. The same applies to how we conduct our business, also according to our 8 values. These are: Sustainable Ethical Efficient Innovative AnticipatingCourteousAccurate Committed Our hotels are located in urban areas or in top quality resort locations. From the shores of Europe to the shores of China from Africa to the Middles East, you will be able to appreciate Swiss Hospitality. We are great believers in offering consistent quality levels. Thats why we work with concepts and systems. That applies to our hotels, be it the luxury Royal Swiss hotels, the upscale Swiss International Hotels or the surprising hospitality at our mid-market Swiss Spirit Inns, Hotels & Suites. The same applies to our restaurants, bars, meetings and events spaces and our leisure facilities. They are all branded and based on well designed concepts. We certainly hope that you will enjoy them. We look forward seeing you in one of our hotels or resorts! With best personal regards, Henri (Hans) W.R. Kennedie CEO & Managing Director W 03 05 16 28 32 04 09 13 24 30 42 44 3. 4 5Company Information Company Information THE COMPANY The Board & The Management Committee The inception of Swiss International lies back in the 80s, when an association was created by and for Swiss hoteliers elites and graduates of Swiss hotel schools. The initial purpose of the company was to form a brotherhood of Swiss hoteliers around the world with social contact and exchange as the main benefits. Throughout the years more hoteliers saw the opportunity to generate some financial benefits from the organization. Swiss International Hotels then evolved into a hotel consortium, where next to the brand, sales, marketing, reservation and support services were offered. In 2010, the present holding Swiss International Hospitality Commons was created and the strategy changed to exploit the chain Swiss International as a real hotel brand rather than as an association. The company offers license arrangements for hotels and management services, ranging from full Operational Management, Technical Services, HR Management, Marketing, Sales, Revenue management, SEO and Distribution Management. Swiss International has recently moved its Global Operations Centre from Gland, Switzerland to Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates, because of the proximity to the fast developing markets such as the Middle East,Africa and Asia. Henri Kennedie Chairman & CEO Mr. Henri (Hans) W.R. Kennedie is a Dutch native with over 30 years of experience in the international hotel industry. He worked as CEO for Golden Tulip from 2002 till 2009 and now since 2010 for Swiss International. He has worked on all continents of the globe and is heading the international expansion of the Company. Next to Hans, the Board consists of one Non-Executive Director and one Non- Executive Chief Financial Officer. The day-to-day operational matters are in the hands of the Management Committee, which consists of 5 members. Ras Al Khaimah 4. 6 7Company Information Company Information Anne Cheseaux Managing Director Swiss Establishments To accelerate the growth and expansion, as well as the quality and genuinity of Swiss International, the Board created the International Management Council (IMC). The Council meets twice a year to discuss development and management system. Sabine von Niederhausern Director of Business Administration Alexander Richards Chief Business Development Officer Marco Vrijburg Chief Financial Officer (Non-Exec.) John G. Henry Director of Projects & Planning International management council Hans Woerlee Managing Director Benelux Amsterdam Anthony Betts Managing Director Turkey & Balkans Istanbul William Bauer Director Business Development Turkey & Balkans Istanbul Roberto Mancini Joint Managing Director Italy & Malta Rome Paolo Argilli Joint Managing Director Italy & Malta Rome Laszlo Kele Managing Director Switzerland Montreux The Board & The Management Committee 5. 8 9Company Information Company Information Sofiane Ghorbel Managing Director North Africa Tunis Anasse EL Guermai Managing Director Morroco Marrakech Africa and Asia Wasiu Babalola Managing Director Western Africa Lagos Benjamin Yan Chairman & CEO Greater China Xiamen Abrar Faisal Managing Director Bangladesh Dhakka Anupam Narayan Chairman & CEO Southern Asia New Delhi MISSION | VISION OUR MISSION Proud of Swiss Quality! OUR VISION Within five to seven years, Swiss International Hotels & Resorts will be a major player in the European, African and Asian hotel scene, where it will have built its business results upon innovative hotel brands and excellent services. OUR CREDO Through our actions, we will become a trusted partner with guests, colleagues and associates creating a community unified in its mission to deliver true hospitality around the world. We will act boldly, decisively, and with determination, and our results will benefit customers, employees and all stakeholders. We will celebrate our successes and continually expand our boundaries in the quest for excellence, quality and results. 6. 10 11Company Information Company Information Our core values shape the culture and define the character of our company. The values which are shared in Swiss International`s hospitality worldwide are: courteous, anticipating, ethical, innovative, sustainable, efficient, accurate, committed. Our values Efficient To complete a task in an economic way without wasting any resources Anticipating To be always one step ahead of things that may happen and/or of requests that may be made by guests while completing each task within the service process. Courteous Being polite and showing respect, genuine consideration and care for others is the core of hospitality Accurate To complete a task in a precise and correct way, without making any mistakes, and by paying attention to even the smallest details Our Values Much more than just a brand and Best in its Class are the best ways to describe Swiss International Hotels & Resorts, where all stakeholders share and honor the traditional Swiss values of hospitality. The same applies to the partners and staff of the organization itself. 7. 12 13Company Information Company Information Ethical To be conscious of the difference between right and wrong and what constitutes moral behaviour towards others. Always aim to do the right thing. Committed To take full ownership and responsibility about each service process while respecting the standards of Swiss International at all times, which implies loyalty to the company. Innovative The creativity of finding new ways and methods to complete each task and / or of introducing new ideas that add value and variation to each task Sustainable To contribute to the preservation of the planet for the generations to come by avoiding in every task to pollute, waste or spill. More importantly, to take care of our people, our planet while making profit. Our Values International quality, local affinity wiss International Hotels is an international hospitality licensing and management company with strong Swiss values and international quality. The Company believes in building long-term relationships based on trust, transparency and integrity. The people of Swiss International share a passion for hospitality, and strive to create fruitful relationships through new and exciting opportunities across the world. Swiss International offers a global brand yet, a brand that can transcend boundaries as it recognizes and respects local culture and tradition and ensures flexibility in its local affinity. We celebrate our successes and continually expand our boundaries in the quest for excellence, quality and results. Swiss International strives to incorporate these aims into everything we do - from how we run our business, to how our hotel brands should appear in the marketplace. As a growing team, we expect that all of us live by the same principles and share them amongst all our hotels. Swiss International Nanchang S OUT OF 8. 14 15Company Information Company Information Swiss International Le Rivage Lutry Swiss International Il Maginifico Elba Swiss International Vila Patriarca Swiss International Mabisel-Port Harcourt Swiss International Omayad Syria Swiss International Xiamen Swiss International Mabisel-Port Harcourt 9. 16 17Company Information Company Information THE BRANDS At Swiss International we are consistent in all we do. The Swiss Touch is the essence of each brands characteristics and desired level


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