sweet digs: toujours manhattan beach: a european-inspired home channels provence and tuscany

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  • 8/3/2019 Sweet Digs: Toujours Manhattan Beach: A European-Inspired Home Channels Provence and Tuscany



  • 8/3/2019 Sweet Digs: Toujours Manhattan Beach: A European-Inspired Home Channels Provence and Tuscany


    11.11.2011 | SuTHBydiGS.c 43

    by pamela coranTe-hansen

    T o u j o u r s m a n h aT Ta n b e a c h :

    a e u r o p e a n - i n s p i r e d h o m e c h a n n e l s p r o v e n c e a n d T u s c a n y





    i kew he olt lve wthot me, jokes sa Wehrl as she realls the oe romae that broght her a her

    hsba dav together the late 1990s. We tre keeg t a seret rom the boss, dav hmes , Bt t trs ot hekew all alog. now marre 20 ears, the other oe seret the oles lves s ther mtal asso or frae a ital,

    whh s wrtte all over the stom-blt ahatta Beah home the share wth ther three hlre.

    not otet wth brgg bak Veeta glass gres or a atg b a loal artst to ommemorate ther roea

    vaatos, the Wehrls sovers le relaes, oors a a roo. We kow what we lke, sa sas reeree to the

    relame at terra otta tles that were salvage rom laate blgs frae to reate the homes qe roo, a

    eartre rom the more ommo barrel tle roos that ot the Sother calora lasae.

    What makes the Wehrls qe ther qest to ott ther ve-beroom home wth roea atqtes s a gee

    reveree a areato or the objets a ther hstor. oor-to-elg lmestoe relae the lvg room,

    remset o the k oe mght see the beroom o a ore Valle hatea, s embellshe wth a sallo shell meallo

    a arve srollg o the matle. t the tme we boght t, the freh govermet was lmtg the mber o atqtes

    leavg the otr, sa exlas. So we sere the rght aerwork a ometato orer to brg t home.

  • 8/3/2019 Sweet Digs: Toujours Manhattan Beach: A European-Inspired Home Channels Provence and Tuscany


    44 SuTHBydiGS.c | 11.11.2011

    iororatg 15th to 18th etr artats to a

    21st etr home omes wth some halleges. Theoorg the lvg room, g room a kthe s

    mae wth 18th etr dalle e Borgoge agstoes,

    whh were reovere rom erelt homes fraes

    Brg rego. Some o the stoes were three-

    qarters o a h thk, dav otes, a others

    were three-a-a-hal hes thk. Ths meat that

    the oor ha to be roe eogh to aommoate

    the thker tles, whle the ther oes were oate o

    the emet.

    Whle a goo orto o the homes relame

    elemets were morte rom roe, some were

    o loall throgh sheer seret. The sk a

    gro-oor ower room s hew rom a stoe that

    bears a srto at a ol easl ble

    wth some o the aet artats o wth the

    walls o omes colsem. However, sa ha to travel

    o rther tha rage cot to sover t sttg

    o the oor o a atqes sho. The tol me t was

    rom ital, bt that was all the kew, she sas.

    for the most art, the Wehrls vso or the stle

    a eel o ther home was llle sg relame

    materals rom frae a ital. The tems the ol

    ot overseas were ether sore statese or

    mae b os geles-area ratsme a artsas who

    have mastere the art o rereatg ol-worl elemets

    sg ew or relame materals. elg a hallwa

    o the kthe bears ark woo beams that look as the ame rom the g hall o a 15th etr

    freh htg loge. i realt, the were rhase

    at Vtage Tmberworks Temela, where woo

    rom ol bars s se to reate ero-stle esg

    eatres. Kthe a bathroom abets rate

    the trato o herloom freh ees were mae b

    Bea Sejor West os geles, whh sealzes

    ol-worl roea esg a ostrto.

    essores throghot the home are arell

    rate to evoke a athet roea avor.

    Ha-ate itala derta tle (see sebar) a

    stars bathroom s at home wth a loall-sore,

    moer lghtg xtre that ol easl ass or

    ha-blow rao glass. peole ether love or hate

    ths bathroom, sa sas wth a lagh. its the most

    itala-lookg room the hose. We met a ma

    derta who ha-ats the tles, so we worke wth

    hm or ths esg.

    ole that has ever blt a home rom the

    gro a sall me ther exeree or

    hmoros aeotes abot kok-ow, rag-ot

    argmets over wallaer. not the Wehrls. dav

    a i work well together, sa sas. Sometmes hes

    assoate abot somethg lke the elg, a ill

    be assoate abot marble. Bt we have wth t,

    a t brgs s loser together. e o s wll have

    a ea a the other wll sa, Thats great! i everthoght o that.

    e o davs hallmark eas was sre b a

    seemgl mratal sae. The homes basemet

    s omletel ergro, whh reqre the

    ostrto o a shorg wall ato to the

    teror wall. The log, orror-lke sae betwee

    the two walls was ol abot three eet we, bt

    where the bler saw ostrto ller, dav saw

    a we ellar. The ole ashoe the oor sg

    letover agstoes rom the ma lvg area a extra

    hoeomb-shae terra otta tles rom the rooto

    terrae. The stalle we raks a ae a arhe

    oor wth a lear glass ael to reate a lmate-

    otrolle storage sae or davs we olleto.

    Vsble throgh the we ellar oor are two

    derta erams mae rom terra otta barrel tles.

    e s ate wth the role o a eassae-era

    oblewoma, a the other s a ortrat o a getlema

    rom the same ero. The ortrats are hg so that

    the aear to be gazg at eah other. The womas

    ortrat bears the srto, care dem. The other

    s srbe wth the at Toto core eo, or wth

    m whole heart. for the Wehrls, home s all abot

    the heart.

  • 8/3/2019 Sweet Digs: Toujours Manhattan Beach: A European-Inspired Home Channels Provence and Tuscany


    Deruta ceramics:a centuries-D itaian


    i h h of ub, bo 12 l oh of

    Pg o ily e45 hghwy, l h y ow of

    D, poplo 8,100. vhdowd by by

    a, o o vlg oh fo ro y

    p hogh f hy kg plgg o h

    ghbog hoow of s. F.

    Howv, plg of dff kd y lly op D o py hog o o of ily o d

    fo of fhp. codd og h lg

    pod of jol, o glzd il w,

    D yoyo wh -qly poy d

    dw d dov obj.

    alhogh h l ood p d

    bk o h 13h y, w l h bgg

    of h 16h y h h ow f

    blhd hlv of jol. Kow

    fo olofl, ply dw dg, D poy

    bg gg poply h d-1300 hko h ow of a, whh w ldy g o

    hdd of plg. D podd

    o blw fo h d v of a, d

    gowg dd fo kpk h vo old

    ph d k wh h gv o ov

    bowl bg h g.

    tody, D ho o o h 200 jol

    wokhop d h roo r shool fo

    c a. thod of h hogho

    ily o o hwk bghly pd jol

    bowl, ppwgh, plq, o, ld lg h bhoo k d fo.

    Howv, h of h fo l o-od

    hop o D. ayo who wh o ph

    h p ily hold do o h o

    d pbl vdo bfo vlg.

    D b phd h u.s.

    dpd boq o hgh-d l h

    By nw Yok, n-m d tffy

    & co. oo Wll-soo wll off fw

    p. a xv lo of D

    opv p vlbl h il Poy

    l, 929 s s s Bb, o hogh

    h wb www.lpoy.o. P.c.H.

    pHT By p cnT-HnSn